A set of simple and effective exercises for a flat stomach

how to lose weight with exercise

The road to a perfect figure and appetizing shapes is often complicated by the problem of eliminating problem areas. As a rule, these are the side and lower abdomen, which sometimes cancels a lot of effort. This often happens because girls do not take the right approach to weight loss. To restore harmony in the waist area and make the sides smaller in size, you should not just follow a diet or do cosmetic procedures at home. It is also important to regularly perform a special set of exercises aimed at losing weight in the most problematic areas. And what we will describe in this article.

If you want to burn more fat on the sides and waist, you don't have to exhaust yourself with strength training. There are now many effective exercises that can harden problem areas without leaving your home.

Basic tips for those who want to lose weight

The female body is a unique and very complex mechanism. Throughout their lives, they experience changes in their delicate sexual bodies. Monthly changes inside, external factors, malnutrition help to increase the parameters of the figure. By adjusting your lifestyle and adding exercises to lose weight on your abdomen and sides, you can easily cope with the problem and eliminate excess weight in the most problematic areas of the body.

Contrary to our belief that daily abdominal exercises will give a girl a slim waist and a nice relief on the sides, we must not forget that there is no local fat burning - fat leaves not only on the abdomen and sides, but also on other parts of the body. .

Only an integrated approach and special exercises will bring you closer to your desired goal. When it comes to squeezing the press tightly, it only helps to tighten the muscles. Unlike pumping the press, a series of exercises aimed at reducing the size of the abdomen and eliminating wrinkles on the sides allow you to improve your body at home using certain muscle groups. Therefore, they are more effective than abs or tiring diets.

You need to try to eat right to get your body in order. To do this, you need to limit the use of harmful and high-calorie foods, alcohol and eliminate bad habits. Then home exercise and sports will be more effective.

Useful tips to lose weight

In addition, there are other tips to help you lose weight in problem areas:

  • Divide three meals a day into 5-6 meals a day;
  • Eat in small portions, feel a slight hunger when you leave the table;
  • Drink 1 glass of clean water at room temperature about half an hour before meals;
  • If you feel hungry in the evening, it is recommended to extinguish it with a glass of water or a small amount of low-fat kefir.

By following these tips and doing regular effective exercises to lose weight in the abdomen, on the sides at home, you will see the first results in the first month.

Beautiful sides and "bee waist"

A series of exercises for

Abdominal and side wrinkle exercises that can be easily done at home are quite simple. You can use one of the training options, which consists of easy and simple tasks to get rid of problem areas. Examples of these can be found below.

A series of exercises for a flat stomach

  • Wooden workout.This is the simplest, yet most effective exercise that will make your slightly swaying abdomen tighter and flattering. It is performed as follows: starting position - a pose for pushing from the ground. The body should be parallel to the floor surface and both arms should be supported. You should stay there for as long as possible, holding the position described and tense your abdominal muscles. For starters, you can start in 30 seconds, increasing the time to 3-5 minutes.
  • Cyclingis a proven way to strengthen your abs and lose weight. This exercise is a classic, performed according to a standard scheme: starting position - lying on your back with legs stretched forward, exercises that mimic a simple bike ride. In this case, it is necessary to tense the abdominal muscles.
  • Sports "Press with your feet and put on the back of your head". As in the previous situation, you need to take a starting position to perform this exercise - lying on the floor with your arms and legs stretched out along your body. You should lift your legs comfortably behind your head by slowly lifting your closed and straight legs.
  • swing legs to thin the sides
  • "Lifting the body" exercise- performed on the principle of hitting the press, but with the legs raised. You will need a chair, sofa or fitball as support to complete this workout. Starting position - lying on the floor, put your feet on a support to get an angle of 90 degrees, cross your arms over your chest. You should perform trunk lifts as close to the knee as possible. It is recommended to perform such exercises until you feel a burning sensation in the abdominal muscles. Beginners can start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions, gradually increasing the number.
  • Exercise "Load with your feet". It is a simple but effective exercise to lose weight in the lower abdomen. Starting position - lying on the ground with the weight compressed between the legs at the level of the arms and ankles, extending along the torso. To do such exercises at home to lose weight on the abdomen, you can use a small pillow, a small rubber wholesale load, you need to lift the load with straight legs so that an angle of 30-45 degrees between them and the floor surface. It is worth staying in this position for 30-60 seconds. Then the legs with the load can be lowered. It is recommended to gradually increase the number of repetitions until a slight burning sensation is seen by the end of the exercise.
  • Curling exercises- simple but very effective exercises to lose weight on the abdomen and sides. Performed while lying on the floor. You should bend your legs at the knees and lift your body with your hands behind your head to a small height above the ground. This position of the body is maintained for 1-12 minutes, then you can slowly lower it to the starting position. By squeaking, you can significantly reduce the size of your abdomen and straighten it without leaving your home.

Training complex for high sides

The following complex can be done at home to significantly reduce the lateral area, eliminate wrinkles in these problem areas, and restore the lateral muscles.

It's pretty simple as before, and for the good sides, it includes exercises like this:

    slimming ring for abdomen and sides
  • Bend the hula hoop for 10-20 minutes every day. This is a very strong workout for the abdomen and sides. Thanks to it, the sides can not only be elastic and stretch, but also reduce the size of the abdomen. It is enough to buy special sports equipment and regularly wrap it around your waist.
  • "Slopes" operation. This movement is familiar to many from the days of kindergarten. From an early age, children are taught this exercise during the warm-up, because it remains the most productive, thanks to all possible activities. It is enough to stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart and slowly bend to the left and right. Beginners can do 15 reps for each side. You should gradually increase the number of approaches.
  • Exercises to remove the oily sweetness on the "mill" side. It is carried out according to the standard scheme: the starting position is standing on the ground with legs spaced shoulder-width apart. After that, you should bend your torso forward and extend your hands alternately to the toes of the opposite feet. This gymnastics works not only to contract the side muscles and press, but also to strengthen the back.
  • "Swinging legs" exercise. It is performed on the leg, which allows you to enjoy watching your favorite TV show during training. When approaching the table or placing the chair behind you, you should place it on its side. Hold the edge of the table / back of the chair with your hands to keep your posture straight. In addition, each foot swings back and forth, in turn. It is advisable to lift your legs as high as possible and not bend your legs. It is recommended to make 3 sets of 15 swings for each leg.
  • A very powerful workout "The Little Mermaid". Starting position: the head is bent at the elbow, the other hand is leaning on the ground, leaning on the ground near the abdomen. Both straight legs should be raised as high as possible. Slowly lower yourself by holding the legs that do not bend for a few seconds on the knees above them, and raise them again after twenty seconds of rest. So you have to do 10-15 repetitions, then turn around and do the same thing on the other side.