Kefir diet: features, pros and cons

a glass of kefir to lose weight

One of the most widely used weight loss options today is the kefir diet. Since ancient times, everyone knows that kefir is the most popular dietary product.

Many actresses and TV presenters have replaced various popular diets with kefir. Thanks to them, the kefir diet became known to the public and gained its current popularity.

But few people know that kefir is not as safe as it seems at first glance when losing weight. To lose weight for yourself, you need to understand the consequences for the body by choosing such an option.

Like any way to lose weight, kefir diet has its advantages and disadvantages.

Principle of operation

Many women who try this option to lose weight say that thanks to it you can lose up to 5 kg per week. This effect is due to the presence of yeast-like fungi in kefir, which stimulates digestion and significantly accelerates them.

In addition, a product such as kefir contains a large amount of calcium, which is involved in the regulation of energy metabolism. Due to its presence, fats stored in the body are consumed faster.

kefir to lose weight

The main options of the kefir diet

Since this option for weight loss has been around for a long time, there are several ways to observe it. It is worth noting the most common and popular ones.

Option 1 - mono diet option

Only kefir is drunk during the whole period. You cannot eat or drink anything else. You should consume about 1. 5 liters of this product per day. The whole volume should be divided 5-6 times. The intervals between each kefir intake should be the same. But to lose weight, this option should not exceed 3 days.

Option 2 - kefir diet with vegetables and fruits

Such a diet allows you to not only drink 1. 5 liters of kefir per day, but also eat 0, 5 - 1 kg of any vegetable or fresh fruit. The duration of such a diet should be 5-6 days. It should be noted that these days it is better not to eat citrus fruits, because they are poorly digested with kefir, and from grape bananas - very high in calories.

Option 3 - the singer's diet

This version of the kefir-based diet gives precise instructions on how to eat for 7 days, and the products change, and 1. 5 liters of kefir remain unchanged.

  1. First day: 5 potatoes should be boiled in unsalted water.
  2. Second day: 100 g of boiled unsalted chicken.
  3. Third day: 100 g of boiled beef.
  4. Fourth day: 100 g of boiled fish.
  5. Fifth day: fruits and vegetables.

On the sixth day you should follow a mono diet and drink only kefir, but on the seventh day you will not need to use it. It is worth drinking only mineral water in prison all day.

jar of kefir to lose weight

Benefits of kefir diet

There are many advantages to this option for weight loss, but it is necessary to emphasize the basics:

  • The main advantage is a good discharge for the body, perfectly combined with a low-calorie diet.
  • The body receives the necessary amount of nutrients to avoid starvation.
  • Short-term, because even if such a diet is followed for three days, the results will already be noticeable.
girl holding a glass of kefir to lose weight

Disadvantages of kefir diet

If you lose 4-5 kilograms unnecessarily in this way, you should take into account that this can lead to complications. Not only will the body not gain extra weight, but it will also need to be prepared to react to such a diet.

  • Long-term use of kefir diet can threaten with various digestive disorders, which will begin to manifest itself with constant rumbling in the abdomen and increased intestinal activity. Experts recommend choosing such a diet as a short-term option for no more than 7 days. If you follow such a diet for a long time, the result may be the most real exhaustion.
  • Everyone on a kefir diet should have free access to the toilet, because they will have to use it even at the most unexpected moment.
  • For maximum results, kefir nutrition should be combined with cleansing procedures at the end of the day. Of course, do not add an enema daily before bedtime.
kefir to lose weight

It is important to know

If you decide to go on a kefir diet, you should follow the tips below to get maximum results.

  1. The fat content of kefir, which will be used as a main product in the diet, should not exceed 15%.
  2. The duration of such a mono diet should not exceed one week, ie seven days.
  3. For people suffering from diseases and pathologies of the digestive system or individual elements, you should not use kefir diet to lose weight. Especially for those who increase stomach acidity.
  4. If you follow such a diet, you should completely avoid salt intake.
  5. In addition, this option for weight loss means the complete rejection of bread and other flour products, such as meat.
  6. If it is not possible to sit completely in a kefir, you can always add vegetables and fruits, naturally fresh, juices and sugar-free tea.

Knowing all the features of the kefir diet, you can safely decide on a suitable method for weight loss.