Diet for the lazy: the simplest diets, you do not need to lose weight in a strict regime

to give up sweets in the diet for the lazy

Diet for the lazy is an option that will help you avoid the difficulties associated with following a certain diet. Modern diets for weight loss are based on a complex diet, often most of the foods we are accustomed to eating are eliminated from the diet. It is not an easy task to follow such a regime, and the opportunities do not always depend on us. Diet can be difficult in some cases:

  • A complicated work schedule, when it is not possible to eat according to the schedule;
  • Lack of time: work, family, housework - all this limits the opportunities;
  • Unplanned trips to cafes or restaurants at the invitation of friends;
  • Inability to get products that make up the diet in the diet;
  • Frequent disorders due to lack of calories in the diet.

Do you know any of these? Then let's look at a few options that are easy to follow, even if any of the above.

The easiest diets for the lazy

drink water in the diet for the lazy

There are many diets that allow you to lose weight without complicated diet regimens and calorie calculations. Here are some options for such diets.


This is the easiest diet for the lazy: its main rule is to drink water for 15-20 minutes before eating. Thus, you can deceive your body and get full faster, and the water you drink before a meal will be involved in metabolism: it will help digest food.

There are no restrictions on the water diet menu:

  • Breakfast. We drink a cup of tea and a glass of water, and then eat as usual. It is advisable to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger, not to fill your stomach with pupils. Need to eat without eating;
  • Supper. For 2 cups of water, then eat any food, preferably soup, but again there are no restrictions. We eat until we feel full, it will come sooner than you are used to;
  • Supper. We drink 2 more glasses of water, then we start eating;
  • Gaps between basic techniques. Snacks are undesirable, but if you can't stand it, drink a glass of water and eat some dried fruits or vegetables.

For best results, try to limit your sugar and bread intake. You can eat black bread and even need it. Compliance with such a diet for the lazy will give a result of minus 12 kg.


As the name suggests, the main rule is to exclude meat, fish and animal products. Eating in this mode is allowed for 7 days, resulting in weight loss of 5-6 kilograms. Basic rules:

  • The diet is based on low-starch vegetables: potatoes are prohibited. It can be cooked in any way except frying in oil;
  • Include different colored vegetables in your diet. This is necessary to saturate your body with all the necessary nutrients;
  • Drink water. The amount of pure still water in the diet should not exceed 2 liters;
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours a day;
  • Eat porridge to saturate the fiber. Prefer buckwheat, oats and millet. Avoid rice, wheat and corn in the best way.

There are not many restrictions, everyone can cope with them, especially if you prefer live food, animal products, ie vegetables.


It is not the easiest food choice, because it is constantly associated with the need to play sports. But there are also many advantages:

  1. Meat predominates in the diet. If you love beef, chicken and fish, this is the food choice for you;
  2. You will always be full. Protein nourishes the body for a long time;
  3. Protein foods give fast results that stabilize for a long time.

If you lead an active lifestyle and physical activity does not scare you, this diet is for you.

Diet Protasov

The diet is ideal for the harvest season, as fruits and vegetables form the basis of the diet, fermented dairy products are added to them, and then lean meat in the later stages of weight loss. The diet is calculated for 7 weeks, 5 of which are for weight loss and 2 for quitting.

You can eat any amount of all vegetables in the diet, except for starchy ones, fermented dairy products should make up one third of the diet. It is recommended to eat in portions during the day to maintain satiety: in small portions every 2-3 hours.


Another type of diet with no restrictions on the types of food. You can eat everything here, but also follow the list of rules:

  • It is necessary to limit the daily caloric content of foods. Eating no more than 1, 200 calories a day is allowed, so it’s best to opt for low-calorie meals;
  • Immediately after waking up in the morning, you need to drink a glass of water with a spoonful of honey diluted in it. The same drink should be consumed before bedtime: 2-3 hours before. In order not to lose the beneficial properties of honey, this solution should be prepared immediately before use;
  • Within 2 weeks after following this regimen, fermented milk drinks must be included in the diet: yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk. It is also recommended to drink sour water;
  • After 2 weeks, we exclude honey and dairy products, we continue to eat 1200 calories for another week.

This diet is more difficult than all of the above, but compliance with it will lead to weight loss of 8-10 kilograms. Reviews of this diet often say that it not only helps to lose weight, but also cleanses the body and improves overall tone.

How to deal with hunger

girl eating apples in the diet for the lazy

Almost any diet involves eliminating the possibility of snacks between meals, so you need to know how to fool your stomach. Here are five ways to fight hunger:

  1. Eat hard in the morning. A proven fact - people who eat a lot in the morning are less hungry during the day;
  2. Whipped drinks to help. Foam is a calorie-free way to increase portions;
  3. Eat some dried fruit when you are hungry;
  4. Try to be less nervous. Have you ever noticed that you always want to eat during stress? So, if you are in a stressful situation, do not go to the refrigerator, but try to overcome your feelings, hunger will be reduced;
  5. If I don't eat, I can smell it. There are odors that suppress the feeling of hunger. If you really want to eat, feel any smell that has a vanilla scent, it could be cream; shower gel, spice itself, etc.

Fighting hunger is an integral part of your diet. These methods will help to get rid of this unpleasant feeling.

Dietary recommendations for the lazy

chicken breast for lazy diet

No matter how lazy diets are for the lazy, there are a number of rules that still need to be followed to get the best results in losing weight. So, to lose weight you need:

  • Reduce consumption of sweet, starchy foods, smoked meats and fatty foods;
  • Normalize the schedule. To lose weight better, you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day and eat at the same time every day for an hour;
  • Avoid alcohol, mayonnaise-based sauces and sugary fizzy drinks;
  • Prefer dietary foods during the diet: rabbit, beef, chicken breast, vegetables and grains.

The most important thing in losing weight - do not exceed the limits, your diet should have everything you need to provide the body with the necessary nutrients.


There are restrictions on the use of all of the above diets for the lazy. If you can not use such diets:

  • There are problems in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • There is an intolerance or allergy to the foods and their components included in the main menu for a week;
  • There is a deterioration in the condition of the body after the start of the diet.

Listen to your body, it will tell you if the type of food you choose is right for you or if you need to give up another way to lose weight.

Feedback and results

If you strictly follow these rules to lose weight, you will see excess weight loss in the early stages of the diet. Depending on the method chosen to lose weight, the loss of extra pounds will be between 5 and 12 kg.

Choose the type of food based on your body's signals. For example, it is not suitable for girls who are bloated from drinking too much water, the Protasov diet is more suitable for them, where it does not provide the use of such a large amount of water.

Diet for the lazy is the best solution, if you choose the right type of food, believe me, the results will not be long in coming.