Exercises to lose weight - a list of effective ones

Problems with belly fat are common today. In order to find harmony, you need to combine effective exercises to lose weight on the abdomen and sides.

If you want a quick answer.The best exercises to lose weight on the abdomen and sides are: lying down, walking on the spot, lifting the knees and planks. More about them all below.

While testosterone helps build muscle mass, estrogen is fat. The anatomy of the female body is such that most of the fat accumulates in the lower abdomen, thighs and hips. This feature depends on productivity.

The girl begins to lose her slim figure with sedentary work, eating disorders, curvature of the spine, loss of muscle tone.

We will take into account the main nuances

  1. Physical activity alone will not be enough to ensure the harmony of problem areas. It is necessary to reduce the caloric content of normal portions, replace the consumption of sweet, starchy foods with protein, plant foods. Dietary fiber will cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, and protein will nourish the muscles during exercise.
  2. Training should be regular. With the classic version, they train at least 12 times a month, otherwise losing weight will not work.
  3. Properly selected exercises tighten not only the gluteal and thigh muscles, but all muscles. Make sure that the execution is carried out harmoniously, because the reloading of one area is combined with the passivity of the castle.
  4. We take into account the biorhythms of our body to adapt the exercises to them. Feeling happy until noon, we start training there. When energy reserves are depleted, productive work will no longer work.
  5. It is advisable to warm up first, the complexity of the execution should increase. This can be light squats, running, bending, cycling. Moderation is especially important for those who lose weight over the age of 35-40, because careless movements can damage the cartilage.
  6. Indeed, gyms are not limited to home conditions. Some techniques are easily implemented on the office desk. Voluntary muscle tension and relaxation will be effective. Press, hip area is involved. The effect of repeated exercises more than 80 times a day will not last long.
  7. Muscle aches are effectively relieved with massage procedures or additional exercises for the painful area. These methods will gradually break down muscle acid.
  8. Remember that when any gymnastics brings joy, its effectiveness increases. It will be useful to bring the activity to a normal lifestyle. You can have a pet, get acquainted with daily walking habits, dance, organize walks. These pleasant little things can inspire and increase vitality. They lose 3-4 kg for several months of active life.

List of simple home exercises

The listed gymnastics is included in the preparatory stage. They will reduce the risk of stress for the body, they will prepare smoothly for a difficult course.

  1. Walk in place with high knees. Each inhalation, exhalation is accompanied by 4 lifts of the foot.
  2. A technique called "vacuum" is to draw and relax the press.
  3. In the supine position, the legs are torn at an angle of 30-40 degrees from the surface. Do about ten to fifteen lifts.
  4. The rotation of the ring gives an effective result. It is a common misconception that the ring only helps to lose weight in the lumbar region. The shoulders, thigh muscles, and peritoneal oblique muscles are involved in the rotation. Well, if you do the exercises correctly and effectively.
  5. We swing our legs alternately without leaving the ground. The load is applied to the area from the hips to the knees, the back of the foot is stretched. Do not be lazy, try to swing as high as possible.
  6. Rapid squats have a positive effect. Sit down, get up suddenly. Repeat 5-7, do more after a few minutes. In general, you need to squat 20-35.

Don't get confused! If squats are done with an emphasis on the hips, squats should be done slowly.

Wrapping in the press to lose weight on the abdomen, legs and hips

Crunches in the press

The abdominal area is more tense, but exercise is effective for burning fat in all areas. Legs, hips are involved.

  1. We lie on our backs and put our hands behind our heads.
  2. Bend your knees so that all your feet are in contact with the floor.
  3. We take a deep breath and lift the pelvis as we breathe.
  4. With subsequent repetitions, breathe in the descending phase.

If the lifting frequency is difficult, you can stay in a slightly longer position. The course consists of 10 elevators and 2-3 sets.

Remove the abdomen

The most effective exercises to lose weight on the abdomen should include loading the abdominal muscles.

  1. Stretch your arms out to the side, facing the ceiling.
  2. We put our feet on the ground and bend our knees.
  3. Raise your legs so that the distance between your knees and your face is 30 cm, maximum 40 cm.
  4. We pull and pull the upper body down.
  5. Remember to breathe properly: inhalation is carried out in a relaxed position, exhalation - in the moment of bending.

Repeat 10 times, make 2-3 circles.

We develop the oblique muscles of the abdomen

Training is not easy, do 10-12 turns.

  1. Supin position, hands behind head.
  2. We pull one foot towards us until the foot is completely off the ground.
  3. If the right limb is above, the left side of the body should be pulled towards it. If the left is the opposite.
  4. The other leg is lifted while pulling up.

Involve the thigh and hip muscles

This is a kind of grouping.

  1. The starting position is stretched, the body is comfortable.
  2. The handles extend over the head.
  3. We sharply point our arms and legs at each other. We should try to pull them as high as possible. From the side, the pose looks like a drop.

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

Weight loss board

Here it is recommended to consider all the methods and pay attention to the most effective variation.

Preliminary preparation

If it is difficult to cope with the task immediately, let's start with the "half bar":

  1. standing on our knees, we place our palms on the ground;
  2. we take a deep breath, bend our backs outwards, and raise our faces to the ceiling;
  3. lower your head during exhalation, bend your waist inwards;
  4. the stomach should be pulled and the position should be maintained for 5-8 seconds;
  5. We straighten our shoulders, bend outwards and try to breathe as deeply as possible.

The procedure is used not only to prepare for a more effective set of exercises, but also as a meditative lesson. It is recommended to use as a warm-up or among more complex techniques.

Wooden with side switch

Side plank to lose weight and work the pants area

The emphasis is on the lower back, the pants area is effectively designed. The task is simple, only two poses are applied:

  1. We stand in a position where socks, elbows and palms stand on the ground. The pelvis should not bend. We strictly protect the straight body. We stand for 30-40 seconds.
  2. We ascend by switching to the sidebar. Support on the outside of the foot and one arm. We save at the same time, then change sides. The neck represents a line at the back.

A rotating board to train the curved muscles of the abdomen

Alternative type

First we take the position of the sidebar. The arm on which we transfer our body weight is straight. The second handle extends towards the ceiling. The holding time is the same, but it will take 1-2 minutes for the increasing level of complexity, then change sides. Exercise effectively trains curved muscle tissue, the pants area.

"Moving bar"

Sliding bar to lose weight on the abdomen and whole body

The main advantage of the procedure is the ability to use the whole body efficiently. The shoulders, lower back, thighs and chest are trained.

  1. We implement the usual bar. We ensure that the body does not bend;
  2. The arms are bent at the elbows, the feet are on the toes.
  3. He tries to lift the donkey as high as possible. We are in the position shown for 10-15 seconds, then go down.

It is enough to repeat the task 5-7 times to start. It is recommended to increase the number of approaches or times after feeling relieved. The technique is suitable for a flat stomach workout.

Lungs with a twist to thin the abdomen and work the thigh muscles

Do not forget about the lungs

This is one of the classic ways to restore thigh tone.

  1. Pull one foot back about a meter. Lift the heel of your back foot off the mattress.
  2. Sit with one leg straight and the other at an angle of no more than 90 degrees.
  3. We do 20 drops for each side.
  4. When we sit, you can turn the body to the side, which will put extra load on the bent tissue.

Lifting the pelvis

Lift the pelvis to lose weight

  1. We lie on the mat and bend our knees.
  2. Raise your arms above your head, spread to shoulder width.
  3. Lift the femoral area. Press, hips tense.
  4. When lifted, the feet are also lifted off the ground, and the weight is transferred to the toes. This increases the height of the elevator, giving a large muscle load.

Repeat enough 10-20 times. If the task is difficult, it is allowed not to pull the socks off the ground.

We make the waist and pants area attractive

  1. We raised our heads with our hands and lay down to one side.
  2. The spine and legs are in a straight line.
  3. The free palm helps hold in place so you don't fall back while swinging.
  4. We raise the joint above and lower it so that it does not touch the carpet. Perform 15-20 lifts - turn to the other side.

If such a performance seems too difficult, you can lower your foot for a few seconds after lifting. Such a break will reduce the load and help prepare the body for complex procedures.

The result

Accumulation of fat in the abdomen and thighs is a classic result of low mobility, poor eating habits. Comprehensive measures should be taken to improve body tone and lose a few extra pounds. A low-calorie diet and fifteen minutes of physical training are not enough for a woman to lose weight.

When determining the course of training, it is necessary to take into account that not only the particularly problematic ones, but all areas of the body need to be harmoniously corrected. Remember that only systematic training gives effective results. We systematically increase the load so as not to harm health. The main thing is that you should enjoy losing weight, because you work for yourself.