Diet for weight loss belly

The extra inches in the abdomen, causing a lot of problems to our women who dream which was to get rid of the excess fat on the waist. Unfortunately – a special diet, specifically in this area of the body is not... Diet for weight loss belly – it is a combination of proper diet and moderate physical activity for the General improvement of the body to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles. With the muscle weakness corset even devoid of fat of the stomach will look unhealthy and ugly.

In recent times invented a lot of exercises of "laziness", that does not take a lot of time and effort. Do "Bar" (with all its variants), one to two times a day, exercises for the abdominal muscles from the composition (although we have to work hard), simply toss a hula Hoop, while watching the series – to do something, to do something, and you will soon notice the result. And diet for weight loss the belly which you choose, only will help you to get rid of unnecessary volume to the waist area. Thus, in order to regain a flat, sculpted stomach – the problem is very real and feasible.

The diet without yeast # 1 with the exception of sugar and salt;

This diet for weight loss belly is considered today one of the most popular. Its essence is to eliminate from the diet any types of yeast: beer, bread or dairy. The period of the diet of the week.

Basic rules:

  1. The exception of any products with the presence of yeasts in the composition.
  2. Hydration 2 hours after eating or 20 minutes before a meal. Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited. However, if during a meal you tormented by unbearable thirst, exceptionally, they are allowed to drink 1 glass of warm water in small SIPS, but often you can't do that, otherwise, this loss of weight will do no good.
  3. The use of live fiber (vegetables, fruits).
Menu of the week Yeast-free diet # 1 with the exception of sugar and salt

Breakfast: 1 glass of water, drunk immediately after sleeping, 3 Apple, tea without sugar.

Lunch: 1 glass of water 20 minutes before eating 200 g of raw cabbage, all drinks without sugar.

Dinner: 1 Cup of water, 5 carrots, raw, all drinks without sugar.


Breakfast: 1 Cup of water, 4 pears, a drink without sugar.

Lunch: 1 Cup of water, 200 g beets boiled, the drink without sugar.

Dinner: 1 Cup water 5 bell peppers, a drink without sugar.


Breakfast: 1 Cup of water, 2 orange drinks without sugar.

Lunch: 1 Cup of water, 200 g of broccoli, drinks without sugar.

Dinner: 1 Cup of water, 4 apples, a drink without sugar.


Breakfast: 1 Cup of water, 1 grapefruit, a drink without sugar.

Lunch: 1 Cup of water, 200 grams of green beans, drinks without sugar.

Dinner: 1 Cup of water, 10 berries of prunes, drinks without sugar.


Breakfast: 1 Cup of water, 200 g of grapes, a drink without sugar.

Lunch: 1 Cup of water, 200 g of cabbage which have been boiled, a drink without sugar.

Dinner: 1 Cup of water, 1 orange, 1 Apple and a cup without sugar.


Breakfast: 1 Cup of water, 100 g of dried apricots, drinks without sugar.

Lunch: 1 Cup of water 4 tomatoes, drinks without sugar.

Dinner: 1 Cup of water, 200 g of any place, drinks without sugar.


Breakfast: 1 Cup of water, 3 pears, a drink without sugar.

Lunch: 1 Cup of water, 5 cooked carrots, a drink without sugar.

Dinner: 1 Cup of water, 3 cucumbers, a drink without sugar.

Do not forget that each glass of water should be consumed twenty minutes prior to meals and drinks without sugar, two hours after lunch.

Diet Number 2, is of five days;

Vegetables for a diet

The menu for each day

Breakfast: low fat cottage cheese,1 grapefruit.

Lunch: 200 g of boiled fish, vegetable salad.

Dinner: 1 orange, chicken, salad.

Salty, sweet and starchy foods from the diet must be excluded.

Diet for weight loss of the stomach No. 3 (the watermelon);

The observation of it during the first 5 days, each day should eat at least 1kg of this giant of the berries for 10 kg of weight. At the end of this period starts on the diet for ten days, with the same watermelon, but with the addition of other products.

Menu for 10 days

Breakfast: oatmeal and cheese.

Lunch: vegetable salad, fish or chicken.

Dinner: watermelon.

Then repeat 5 days exclusively watermelon nutrition. Watermelon nourishes the body with folic acid, necessary for the regeneration of tissues, while it has a strong diuretic effect flushes out of the body of the sand, the toxins and wastes, which leads to rapid weight reduction, and the reduction of the waist and hips.

Diet №4 on the basis of the separation of power;

The program duration is 1 week.

Basic rules:

  1. More meals equal intervals between them, smaller portions.
  2. Drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day.
  3. The inclusion in the diet of fresh vegetables, vegetable salads, vegetables and vegetable oil to each meal.
  4. Eating only fruit.
  5. Limit the intake of sugar, salt and flour products.
  6. The complete exclusion from the diet of fast food, canned food, sausages, smoked meats.
  7. A categorical prohibition of alcohol, coffee, Smoking.

For efficiency, the diet should include natural cereals, don't mix them with protein-rich foods, proteins only combine well with vegetables.

Sample menu for a week

Breakfast (optional):

1 hard-boiled egg and bread diet;

low-fat cottage cheese and 1 Apple;

yogurt diet and 1 orange.

Snack (optional):

2 orange or ½ bell pepper or 2 green Apple.

Lunch (optional):

vegetable soup + 1 hard-boiled egg;

vegetable soup with chicken + cheese is low in fat;

steamed vegetables with steamed fish low-fat varieties.

Dinner (optional):

2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, a boiled chicken;

1 cucumber, 1 hard-boiled egg, boiled beans;

fresh vegetables, lean meats, boiled beans.

Weekly diet for weight loss belly number 5;

The menu for each day

Breakfast: tea without sugar, cheese.

Lunch: 1 hard-boiled egg, cheese, meat.

Snack: coffee (tea) and cheese.

Dinner: boiled meat, vegetable salad.

Before you go to sleep, drink a decoction of mint.

Diet for weight loss belly not. 6 twenty days;

The first and second day: tomato juice; 2-liter of yogurt or milk; 2 slices of bread.

The third and fourth day:

8.00- 9.00 – 1 a slice of black bread, coffee with milk, ½ teaspoon of honey.

12.00-13.00 – 1 a slice of black bread, 100 grams of fish.

16.00-17.00 – ½ tablespoon of honey, 1 glass of milk or tea.

19.00 – 1 glass of kefir, cheese, 2 eggs.

The fifth and the sixth day:

8.00 – 2 Apple or orange.

13.00 – vegetable soup, salad.

16.00-17.00 – 2 Apple.

19.00 – salad, tea.

Then, the cycle is repeated. During a diet, it is recommended to take a multivitamin, and after its completion, it is essential to daily eat curd.

Effective diet for weight loss belly №7;

A salad diet

The term diet is not limited.

Basic rules:

  1. Complete removal of the salt and the alcohol.
  2. The number of meals of day 5 at intervals of 3 hours.
  3. In the daily menu – oranges, lemon juice, watercress.
  4. The daily consumption of 2 litres of liquid. It can be not only clean water, but orange juice and grapefruit green tea.
  5. The exclusion from the diet of sweets, cakes, white bread.
  6. Replacement of coffee, green tea.

In your diet should be a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, lean fish, chicken eggs. Sometimes you can afford the sweet of the honey, dried fruit, jelly, milk.

The menu of the day (approximate):

Breakfast: 1 soft boiled egg, toast.

Second Breakfast: 2 apples.

Lunch: vegetable salad, 200 g of boiled fish or chicken.

Snack: vegetable soup.

Dinner: 1 orange, 200 g of beef boiled.

Before you go to sleep: a glass of kefir.

Diet №8 "Five kilos in 10 days";

Periodically observe this diet is not recommended. Its essence lies in the alteration of the protein days with days when you eat carbohydrates. To consume proteins are cooked chicken, chicken eggs, and to eat carbohydrates – beets, carrots, cabbage.

Menu protein day:

Before Breakfast: 1 glass of clean water.

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 cucumber fresh with vegetables.

Lunch and dinner: boiled chicken without skin. The chicken should be brought to the boil, strain the broth, return to fill it with water and cook more. Should be 700 grams. This amount should be divided into lunch and dinner. Every day should drink 1.5 liters of water.

Menu carb day:
Menu of the day of carbohydrates

Per day need eat 1.5 kg of vegetables. You can prepare a salad and eat it all day in the 8 doses.

To prepare the salad, cut thinly 500 g white cabbage, 500 g of carrots and add to the salad 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Basic rules:
  1. Mode of food intake to five times a day.
  2. The last meal before 19.00 hours.
  3. The exclusion from the diet of the salt.

After the diet you will need to keep and preserve the weight off, and this should be consumed six products, which in this case will provide you with invaluable assistance: oatmeal, canned beans (white, black, red), lentils (you can add in the soup, make a garnish of the main dish, rice, chickpeas, barley.

The Breakfast must be abundant to fill a gap in the supply of all day. It is impossible for a bit of time for food and light carbohydrates: bread, cakes, sweets, fats, white bread (replace with whole wheat bread, and better bread), sausages, smoked products, fried food. When drinking juices, dilute with water in equal proportions. And still it is better to replace them with the juice, decoction of dried fruit, which helps the intestine to work quickly. Limit the amount of sugars in foods and fluids (to drink without added sugar). Your diet should be balanced – it should be 15% protein (½ of them are animals), 55% of carbohydrates (90% of the fruits and vegetables), 30% fat (⅓ of them plant).

Low-calorie diet of corn, four days, "bold and decisive"

Why bold and decisive? Yes, because this diet very hungry, but, I have to say, it gives a quick effect. In 4 days, you can lose 4 or even 5 kg. the belly Fat will be definitely worth the worth. Use this diet not more than 1 time per month in the absence of contraindications. To have a big step is not easy, but agree that it is worth.

Diet menu

1st and 2nd day: 400 g of canned or fresh corn (2 cobs). Divide your daily dose into 4 pieces and eat throughout the day. But also, during the day should eat 1 carrot, 1 pepper, 1 cucumber and tomato, 1 Apple, 1 kiwi. If desired, you can add and greens. You can eat everything separately, and you can prepare the salad.

3 and 4 days: 200 g of corn, which is divided into 4 parts. You can afford a little bit of mushrooms, but not more than 150 g. you can add the carrot, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, Apple and kiwi.

As mentioned above, to any diet a good idea to add exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles:

  1. sit in a chair, straighten your back, put your knees together, press the feet on the ground. Drop the chin down and stretch your arms forward, exhale. Tighten the abdominal muscles, slowly bend down and stretch your hands to the ground. Inspire, expire and return to the initial position. Do this exercise 15 times and then each day, add to the original number times two more times.
  2. turn in the Basket.
  3. jump rope
  4. side bends with the weights. Take in your right hand some comfortable and lightweight, theme, about 2-3 kg, and lean to the left, briefly hold this position and return to the initial position. Exercise 13-15 times, after that he put the goods in your left hand and repeat the exercise leaning to the left.

Love to dance or swim? Wonderful, dance, swim, ride it all, also, will give positive results and diet to lose weight in the stomach only speed up the process!