Diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks

Not to say that too often, but we, the women, it happened. Sometimes the vortex of worldly problems and worries, you suddenly remember that it pulls some important event, and there is still nothing to him – 2 weeks. Then frantically downfall in his mind the closet, it turns out that there is no wear, all decent outfits a long time ago already we were wearing. What to do? Have in mind that dress, but the current measure does not get involved in any way. Well, is diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks – not an easy task, but if necessary, we women can do anything. And not so top is taken!

Diet Minus 12

I want to tell you that those who decided for themselves to lose weight way "Diet. Minus 12 pounds in 2 weeks", without a doubt, the man who is brave, bold and admirable. Besides, for sure, with excellent health, by the way, and maybe it's not worth it, because of the loss of such a substantial amount of kilograms in just two weeks is stressful to the body. Therefore began the search for a suitable variant of the many existing diets, first, to show the doctor.

In the press and on the Internet suggestions and tips "Diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks" not so much. For example, more popularity is gaining "Diet lazy", which is a guaranteed promise to destroy those hated extra pounds in record period, if no contra-indications.

Note! Is not recommended diet people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and having problems with the genitourinary and cardiovascular systems.

If you do everything correctly, then, as they say, and card. Only here the name of the diet is clearly incorrect. Who can call a lazy person who decides to venture on so extreme? After all, in front of a huge work on yourself, your passions and desires, all kinds of deprivation and maybe even frustration. But when on the horizon looms the wonderful dress, that you can look stunning and thoughts on future challenges.

Diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks

Now talk in more detail about the diet, its features and requirements. Based On The "Diet. Minus 12 pounds in 2 weeks" or Diet lazy the reception of clean water. Before each meal to drink 2 glasses of water, but not gulp, and in small SIPS, and eat only after 20 minutes. Thus, during the day you should drink 1.5-2 l liters of water. After each meal – within 2 hours of no liquids. Those who have tried this diet myself, they say that this is the most difficult. Hold and not drink a SIP of juice or tea – a real test of willpower. If you want to lose weight, you have a stronger thirst, you'll be fine.


Drinking clean water is beneficial to the body. According to nutritionists, pure water to remove the colon of toxins, and thus cleansing the entire body, stimulates metabolism and improves digestion and overall health. The second condition: the water should not be ice cold. Room temperature, warm or hot (not boiling!).

Prohibited products should be discussed separately. Sometimes written diet, "you can get everything except..." And that "in addition to", then you know that, in General, everything is impossible. In our case, the diet should exclude Goodies-candy, cakes, salt, canned foods, your favorite mayonnaise, store-bought soda and juice, fatty and spicy foods, fried foods, butter, alcohol, and forget about snacks on the run, and gatherings for the coffee chocolates. If not sweet, quite well, can indulge in three times in two weeks a handful of dried apricots, prunes, raisins or 1 tablespoon of honey.


What we have then ask you, if all of your favorite and desired was included in the list of banned products? Here are a few examples. The quality of the Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt or cheese, and eat them as much as possible. As often as three times a week, you can afford 150 g of cereals – oatmeal, buckwheat or rice.

Lunch: fresh vegetables, cooked lean meat (chicken, duck or rabbit) or a piece of boiled lean fish, a slice of whole grain bread. Dinner – fixed vitamins: vegetable and fruit dishes. Don't try to buy foreign bananas, eat apples, they will bring more benefits.

Based on the above, you can make a menu for 2 weeks. Hunger you are certainly not. But the long-term lack of fat and salt in the diet can lead to malfunction of the whole organism, so no more than two weeks to sit on this diet is strictly forbidden! Return to it only after a year. Clean water that you can drink during the diet to fill the stomach and dulls the feeling of hunger, but not drowning it out completely. The body requires food and absolutely refuse it not worth it (this is for those who suddenly decide to achieve rapid results is to refuse to eat and drink the same water). Water improves the metabolism, the stomach begins to produce gastric juice, and without the opportunity to digest, only at the beginning of "be yourself". Don't test your strength, lose your health, you can easily return difficult, and sometimes impossible.


Of course, most of us know how gaining weight, but want to give yourself, my dear, the pleasure replaced everything, until there comes a time when you want to lose weight is very important. There comes a time when you need it – Diet. Minus 12 kg in 2 weeks is, of course, extreme measures. In fact, it's not a diet, it is an attempt to sharply turn towards the right way of life. But it is desirable to make it not so extreme, but much more slowly accustoming the body to live and eat properly.

Do not despair, if, instead of the planned 12 pounds you lose a little bit less. It features the body, which does not want to give up what has accumulated over the years and carefully set aside in reserve. You may not need 14, but 20 or more days to achieve the result. The process has already begun, and willy-nilly, the body is partially overweight. Out of the diet should gradually. Remember, do everything slowly, drink clean water, eat healthy foods and slowly step away from the diet. The list of prohibited products will remain the same. But diet list allowed foods necessarily need to add vegetable oils and animal fats in the quantities required by the body.

Water and ice

Although it is possible that the feeling of lightness in the body, it is wise to take care what they eat and how to, reconsider your life priorities and develop new rules. And don't worry about it, during a diet, just think about the end result and see weight loss as an ordeal. To live a full, chat with friends, pay attention to your loved ones, walk the walk, start every day with a smile is important! Try to do morning exercises. Just a few simple exercises to feel awakened to the life of your body. In short, lose weight correctly, lose weight with pleasure!