How to eat when training for weight loss

Not always regular and constant exercise will lead to weight loss. Eating after a workout cakes and pastry, remove the extra kilos, it is impossible, because the consumed calories are several times may exceed the indicator of the consumed energy. Therefore, in order to lose weight, start eating right. But when compiling a diet diet always keep in mind that there are foods that you should eat a certain amount of time to workout. There are foods that you should eat directly after a workout for weight loss.

The foundation and the principles of proper nutrition

If you want to lose weight permanently, remember that the abandon harmful food, you need in no time, but not forever. The food is Based on the normal functioning of all systems and organs, the main source of energy for the human body. If during exercise weight loss diet is effective and streamlined, to save health for long years.


The basics of good nutrition:

  1. Different. It is important that the food during and after the diet was balanced, because the body is saturated with micro - and macroelements, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. The most effective way to get all the substance is present in the diet of a sufficient amount of grain, vegetables, fruits, legumes.
  2. Continuous schedule. Every day should eat at the same time, in order weight loss body, which is used for processing of products at certain times. But do not forget that the last time, when the power hold for 3 hours before bedtime.
  3. Frequent and split meals. Some people believe that in order to lose weight faster exercise, should eat less. But it's not, if you want to lose weight during workouts, you eat, including snacks, up to 6 times a day.
  4. Small parts. The average capacity of the human stomach is 250 ml, therefore, adhere to the correct nutrition, it is not necessary to eat more food, in order not to overload the digestive tract, testing their endurance.
  5. Daily caloric. Weight loss you need to consume calories per day was less expendable. Whether working out in the gym or lead a passive way of life – keep this in mind when counting daily calories. Control calorie intake to help weight loss diary, which is preferably carried out on a daily basis.
  6. Avoid harmful food. The stomach is not the trash can, so that he was not worth to invest there. French fries, ketchup, sausages, mayonnaise, sugar, beer, and similar food nothing, but harm will not bring the body. Such food be sure to avoid during weight loss, if not immediately, then gradually.
  7. More vegetables and fruits. Daily diet should be present vegetables and fruits is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Vegetarian food has many advantages: a large number of substances quickly and fully digested, cleanses the intestines of toxins, because it contains a lot of fiber. Daily intake of fruits and vegetables for weight loss is less than 750
  8. The body needs water. The talk is everywhere, but people do not listen to the instructions of the doctor, and dieticians. Good health and rapid weight loss during exercise drink a day 30 ml of water per kg of body weight. Not included in the amount of liquid-tea, coffee, milk, fruit, drinks and other beverages. Water stimulates the metabolism, improve metabolism, cleanse the toxins from the intestines.

How to eat before workout to lose weight

Women during sports want to become owners of a slim figure. But if you don't hold the right nutrition program before and after the training, the efforts for weight loss easy to reduce to "no". A proper diet during the workout in the gym is clearly related to last meals to lose weight faster, permanently securing the result.


Why is it important to eat before exercise? The body needs a certain amount of energy so during classes weight loss burn more calories. For strength training, the muscles are experiencing heavy load, therefore they require extra energy, the main source of which is carbohydrates. In their absence, the physical burden on the internal organs, and burn fat on an empty stomach is difficult. Use exercise for weight loss full stomach is not worth it. Eat reasonably necessary, because your mission is not work wear in the body, and effective weight loss.

The perfect way to lose weight is to eat before class 2 hours food with lots of carbohydrates and drink a Cup of coffee, because caffeine promotes the burning of fat. When a small carbohydrate load on the body's strength and power, and cardio exercises, and get the missing energy, for example, when training is endomorph, your body will break down fat stores. Caloric intake before exercise weight loss not exceed for men and 300 kcal for women – 200 kcal to start the metabolism.

Food before exercise:

  • Easy porridge (oatmeal or buckwheat).
  • Vegetable salad.
  • Fruits (except bananas, dates, grapes).
  • Bread or whole wheat toast.

Is it possible to get during exercise weight loss

If there is a pre-workout weight loss is necessary, during training to eat is permitted only to those who want a long load (long-distance runners or cyclists). They use the supplement special carbohydrate supplements, which are sold in small bags or chocolate bar weighing 50 grams. If you go to a one hour workout weight loss, extra energy is not necessary, because it is in your interest to lose weight and restore the harmony of shapes.

Nutrition after exercise to burn fat

If you want to quickly and permanently lose weight, it is important to know how to eat before, during and after the workout. After school is the so-called. protein-carbohydrate window, the energy is still depleted.

Diet after training is associated with abstinence from food 1.5-2 hours to fight fat more efficiently passed. For those who do not tolerate the feeling of hunger is allowed to eat one green Apple pour appetite, but nothing else. Inexpensive food for 2 hours after exercise is lean meat, omelette, fish, low-fat cottage cheese. Side dish is a useful vegetable salads, dressed with unrefined vegetable oil.

Because carbohydrates are metabolized during exercise in the first place, when active exercise for weight loss have to avoid the living molecules, which are released by the power load is no longer shared, and can come back. If you are regularly late in the evening, it is best to stick to a light diet in the form of cottage cheese and tea, and if early in the morning (at 5 am), then eat fruit and drink coffee half an hour before class.

For example, the menu for the week

To make the menu for weight loss is the same for all – is not simple, because we have to take into account gender, age, weight, daily calorie consumption, number of workouts per week separately. It is also advisable to keep in mind and eating habits, balanced diet and enjoyment of the person. Not everyone eat pre-workout in the morning, hated oatmeal, so the process of losing weight quickly interrupted. We offer estimated dietary menu for the week right weight loss for weight loss:



  • Breakfast — buckwheat porridge, green tea.
  • Lunch — an Apple, a Cup of yogurt.
  • Lunch — steamed vegetables, chicken, steamed, stewed fruit.
  • Dinner — fish, soup, bread made of bran, herbal tea.


  • Breakfast — muesli with yogurt, organic coffee.
  • Lunch — cottage cheese with sour cream (low-fat), berry broth.
  • Lunch — vegetable soup, salad, juice.
  • Dinner — grilled fish, vegetable salad, tea with honey.


  • Breakfast — baked Apples, oatmeal, organic coffee.
  • Lunch — homemade yogurt with nuts.
  • Lunch — soup, fish cakes, mashed potatoes, fresh juice.
  • Dinner — vegetable stew, steak, tea spoon of honey.


  • Breakfast — cheese pie, organic coffee.
  • Lunch — protein(protein) shake with raw egg.
  • Lunch — chicken patty, buckwheat porridge, fruit compote.
  • Dinner — Chicken breast, salad, tea.


  • Breakfast — rice porridge with honey and milk, organic coffee.
  • Lunch — a banana, a Cup of yogurt.
  • Lunch — vegetable soup, goulash, mashed potatoes, peas, fresh juice.
  • Dinner — salad of raw vegetables, boiled chicken, tea with honey.


  • Breakfast — cheese omelet, toast, cocoa.
  • Lunch — yogurt, marmalade.
  • Lunch — chicken broth with egg, salad, juice.
  • Dinner — boiled chicken breast, mashed potatoes, tea.


  • Breakfast — oatmeal, organic coffee.
  • Lunch — a glass of fresh yogurt, vegetable crackers.
  • Lunch — Soup made of buckwheat, meat, oven baked vegetables, juice.
  • Dinner — rice, boiled fish, vegetable salad, tea with honey.

Drinking regime during the class

During the sessions for weight loss, it is important to avoid dehydration. The amount of fluid consumed during power or aerobic exercise depends on the duration and intensity of training, so each person needs an individual plan for water consumption. During sports, it is better to focus on their own feelings and not forget how to drink during sports, because excessive water can negatively affect the entire muscle.

It is better to drink water during exercise weight loss in small portions, which briefly in his mouth, and then the thirst will disappear faster. To properly lose weight training, use carbonated water at room temperature. Do sports drinks are allowed during the period of intense power loads for weight loss.