How to eat to lose weight?

First, you need to lose weight correctly. Exercise and fresh air should be an integral part of your daily routine. No less attention should be paid to proper nutrition for weight loss. It's just not meant to get involved in any new diet. As a rule, their result is short term weight quickly and just as quickly return, sometimes even new pounds. In addition, you can't trust diet, "sitting", which you have constant hunger. Basically, proper nutrition is that it is balanced and give your body all the necessary vitamins and minerals. In this case, you don't have to get too many calories, you're not tormented by a constant desire to look in the fridge, the body becomes more healthy and figure – a beautiful and slim. And it not only improves health, but also your mood.

The principles of proper nutrition


The first step is to remember a few simple rules. People need to eat little and often: 5-6 times a day and preferably at the same time. Food should be fresh, it must be present vegetables and fruits. The number of drinks per day of water – at least two liters. A glass of water, and preferably two, should drink 30-40 minutes before meals. Soda and fast food in General should be forgotten forever.

And be sure to have a balanced diet! The daily amount of protein the average person as 60 to 110 g/day, fat – from 70 to 120 g/day, carbohydrates – 260-570 g/day. The exact value depends on body mass index, age, sex, individual characteristics of the organism. The same applies to the energy value of food. It varies between 2000 and 3000 kcal depending on what kind of lifestyle you lead: sedentary or active. If you have a physical job, and calories, respectively, need more. In the cold season the body needs more energy food. If you want to lose weight, you should know that to reduce your daily calories to less than 1000 calories is full of health problems! It should be noted that the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories is usually indicated on the packaging of the products. Always pay attention to.

Diet for weight loss

On the basis of the menu should be chicken, Turkey, rabbit, lean red meat, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products, cereals and of course fruit, berries, vegetables and herbs. Pay attention to the cabbage. Cabbage contains a lot of fiber which gives a feeling of satiety and thus reduces appetite, making the chair more often and to clean the intestines. Cabbage has antioxidants, rich in vitamins (A, C, E, K, PP, U and b group) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, fluorine).

Another available products for weight loss – grapefruit. It reduces the levels of insulin, a hormone that lowers the level of glucose in the blood and also affect fat stores.

Don't forget apples and pears. They contain pectin. The filling of the stomach, these fruits create a feeling of satiety, calorie, although they are very small. Eat an Apple before a meal significantly reduces the amount of food eaten during the main meal. And insoluble fiber pears is beneficial for the intestines and excrete the toxins and heavy metals.

A good snack can be a handful of your favorite berries or nuts.

In addition, you should include in the diet foods diet designed for weight loss. For example, muesli with no added sugar – it's low-cal blend of grains, nuts and dried fruits. Some manufacturers have replaced the latter is more useful freeze-dried fruits and berries, retaining almost 100% of the vitamins. Muesli is the perfect healthy Breakfast.


Instead of sugar in desserts and drinks makes sense to add sweeteners, the best natural and safe: fructose, sorbitol, glucose. We have developed some low-calorie meals and drinks which can help you control your appetite, reduce hunger. One of them is soluble chicory weight loss. He has already won the trust of many supporters of proper nutrition.

Prohibited products

You need to remove from the diet all kinds of canned foods, soft drinks, energy drinks and alcohol (except wine in moderation). Not good for the health they bring. Smoked, salted and fried foods should be replaced by steamed or in the oven. Cakes, pastries, ice cream, various pastries and fatty foods must be completely excluded from use. Forget about dairy products sugar: yogurt, sweet curd, glazed cheese, and potato chips and fried potatoes. Sausages and frankfurters contains a huge amount of fat and nutrients is very small, so this food also need to give up.

Make a menu for the day

Because of the above mentioned rules, let's try to create an experimental menu for the day. So, For Breakfast. I recommend 5-6 tablespoons of cereal, pour a glass of warm skimmed milk or yogurt. Plus an Apple or a pear. Or you can eat two whole grain toast, 30 grams of low-fat cheese, boiled egg and drink a Cup of green tea or chicory stevia. Lunch: first course – lean meat, fish or chicken broth with added herbs. Second – vegetable salad with dressing of lemon juice and olive oil, a hot sandwich (whole grain bread, vegetables, chicken, soft cheese). Secondly, you can prepare the fish for a couple, with a small amount of rice, it is brown. As recommended to drink fruit and berry puree with sugar substitute. Dinner – baked fish, vegetable salad. Drink – hot chicory.

Don't forget to drink non-carbonated mineral water before a meal. In the intervals between meals should be eaten 2-3 times. As products, such as snacks can be used for vegetables and fruits, and healthy desserts. For example, muesli without sugar with low-fat yogurt and a spoon of honey. Or jam with your favorite berries or fruit, but they are ripe, not to use natural sugar and its substitutes, for example, fructose.