How to lose weight, remove belly fat 10 best exercises for a flat stomach

It is difficult to achieve perfect image, especially in such "difficult" areas, like the abdomen and waist. Keep the weight, keep slim waist, flat stomach at the age of 40 years becomes a real problem. But nothing is impossible. Effective exercises proposed by an experienced fitness instructor, guaranteed to give you a slim waist and flat stomach.

A flat stomach

The complex includes special exercises for straight and oblique abdominal muscles, back muscles. All the exercises are carefully selected and arranged in sequence to achieve the greatest result in the shortest possible time.

Complex for a flat stomach contains 10 effective exercises for basic level,which is quite possible, even for the unprepared.

Each exercise is recommended, there is also a more complicated change to the advanced level, or vice versa, the light version, if the first stage is difficult to cope with even the basic level.

You don't need special equipment or ammo, you just need to Carpet. Such a complex, a flat stomach is ideal for practicing at home.

It is recommended to combine abdominal exercises with aerobic workouts and a balanced diet, because only one swing of the press is not enough a flat stomach. Burning fat can only be in one particular area, so without aerobic exercise and a balanced diet a flat stomach is not getting, but even with the inflated stomach to hide the layer of subcutaneous fat.

By following these recommendations, in 2-3 months, you're guaranteed to get a thin waist and flat, beautiful tummy. Yes, unfortunately, this is not a quick process. But the first motivating results that you see two weeks, if you can go through the day.

Basic complex of exercises for a flat stomach


Be sure to explore the abdominal muscles need to do workout about 4-5 minutes (swings and blows to the arms, legs, turning the body, bending), warm up and stretch the muscles, to avoid injury.

On the basis of all exercises for a flat stomach and waist - a classic thread, so first of all, you need to learn how to do them.

Simple twist

Starting position: Lie on your back, legs pulled up, hands behind head, slightly tighten the press, pulling the ribs towards the pelvis.

Slowly lift your shoulders off the floor, straining the abdominal muscles, like two drops down to the original position.

Try your elbows to pull forward, his jaw drops, buttocks not to strain during exercise. Inhale, exhale at the top, when twisting. Repeat 10 times. Stretch, relax, breathe deeply, and again repeat 10 times.

Leg lifts

Leg lifts

This exercise works the muscles of the lower press.

Starting position: lie on your back, lift your legs, ankles parallel to the floor, knees level with the hips, hand in hand.

Tighten the press slowly lift your pelvis off the floor by 2-3 cm without changing the angle of the feet, hold for two counts, slowly return to the starting position. Inhale, exhale at the top, while lifting your hips. Repeat 10 times. Lower the leg, stretch, relax, breathe deeply, and again repeat 10 times. Make sure that the back remained pressed to the floor during the exercise.

Twisting and leg lifts

Combine the first two exercises, working your upper and lower abdominal muscles.

Starting position: lie on your back, lift your legs, ankles parallel to the floor, knees level with hips, hands behind his head.

Tighten the press, and at the same time pull the chest and knees toward each other. Lift shoulders and hips off the floor. Repeat 10 times. Lower the leg, stretch, relax and repeat again 10 times.

Breathe evenly. Exhale during the greatest exertion.

Lateral twisting

This exercise works the obliques.

Starting position: lie on your back, feet on the floor shoulder-width apart, hips divorced, his hands behind his head. Alternatively, follow the twisting, to achieve the shoulder to the knee, keep your elbow at shoulder level. The second elbow will remain on the floor for balance. Scroll down and follow by rotating in the other direction. Without pause do 10 abdominal muscles. The pace of the exercises - two volume, two accounts down. Try hips off the floor do not interrupt.

The oblique pull of the abdominal muscles, to relax, and again make 10 the abdominal muscles.

Twist with lunge

Starting position: lie on your back, legs pulled up to your hips, hands behind head, elbows divorced.

Slowly lift your shoulders off the floor, without straining your abdominal muscles, pull one knee to your chest, then extend legs. Do 10 repetitions with one leg, then the same exercise with the other.

Press, pull, relax, and follow the second approach, 10 sit-UPS lunge on each leg.



Everyone is familiar with from school lessons of physical education exercise "bicycle" helps to remove the excess from the sides.

Starting position: lie on your back, lift your legs, keeping your heels closer to your hips, hands behind head, elbows divorced.

Slowly lift your shoulders off the floor, without straining your abdominal muscles, straighten one leg at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor, stretch the opposite shoulder to the knee of the bent leg. Then without pause do the same thing on the other side. I. e. the imitation of Cycling. Pay attention to the speed of movement should be fast. Repeat 10 times. Stretch, relax and take another approach.

Wiggle your toes

Simple exercise, which gives a serious burden on the press.

Starting position: lie on your back, lift your legs, ankles parallel to the floor, knees together, pelvis, hands behind his head. Straining the abdominal muscles, lift your shoulders off the floor and slowly touch toes of one foot from the floor, return foot back. The floor and then tap the other toe.

Breathe correctly: legs up - exhale, touching the floor – exhale. Repeat the exercise 10 times without dropping the shoulders down. Try to tear the back off the floor.

Stretch, relax and take another approach.

A circular rotation

Exercise is good, considering all the press.

Starting position: lie on your back, place your feet on the floor, hands behind his head.

Slightly tighten the press, pulling the ribs towards the pelvis. Tensing the abdominal muscles, slowly make a full circle rotation of the housing in one direction 5 times, then 5 times the other direction.

Breathe correctly: inhale up exhale down. Make sure that the pelvis broke away from the floor. Stretch, relax and take another approach.

Deflection knees bent

In the battle belly, it is also important to train the muscles of the back. This exercise at the same time to pump up the abdominal muscles and back.

Starting position: Stand on knees, elbows put on the floor. Elbows you can put a soft towel. Feet in socks.

Straining the muscles, lift the knees off the floor, hold for three counts, return to starting position. Repeat 10 times. Bend your knees, stretch ahead, relax, take another approach. Try during the exercises keep your back straight.

Leg lifts to the reference position

This is the best exercise for a strong press.

Starting position: Lie on your stomach. Lean on your elbows. Feet in socks. Lift the body and pull it straight. Elbow you can put a rolled up towel.

Raise the straight leg to the height of the hips, lock her in two counts, return to starting position. Then raise the second leg. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg. Breathe properly: exhale done during the leg lift. Try to keep the body straight, not bending the back.

Bend your knees, sit on heels, stretch forward, relax, take a deep breath, and use the second approach, 10 lifts for each leg.


Don't skip this step, it is important point training.

Traditional stretching of the abdominal muscles, legs, back (bending, stretching) for 4-5 minutes.

Stretching the abdominal muscles

It is important to

If you read until the end, so you Are already working in or want to start working problems in the abdomen and waist, so once again, it is important to follow the diet and combine the squeeze press aerobic load, it can be aerobics, dancing, jumping, or just walking briskly. Then your work is not in vain, the fat goes to the abdomen, waist will become thin and belly taut and flat.

Twisting. Done correctly and safely!

It is very important to do the exercises CORRECTLY and SAFELY!

Why twisting is so effective abs

The exercise thread is a universal practice in the formation of beautiful, flat stomach. Curling is the only exercise in which fully work all the abdominal muscles.

The stomach is formed by the straight and oblique abdominal muscles. During the exercise by rotating the entire press gets static and dynamic load, because it is necessary simultaneously to keep the body in a certain position and do crunches, the muscle, where it is decreased, stretch.

In addition, the twisting effectively the tone of the whole direct muscle belly, although it is structurally very heterogeneous: top strong and thick, and the bottom is weak and thin.

In addition, the involved muscles in the lower back. They muscle antagonists, to prevent abdominal muscles.

Twisting. The basic techniques

Do the straight and the oblique abdominal muscles, bend the body, i.e. to bring the ribs to the pelvic bones. Note that it is necessary to order the ribs and shoulders and chest and pelvic bones, not the knees. Otherwise the work is not pressing, and other muscles.

How to make a twisting

Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your heels close to the buttocks. Hands behind your head or folded on the chest.

On the exhale, begin to twist the body, the first lower chin to chest, lift shoulders off the floor, then the blades. The spine lift gently, vertebrae by vertebrae, rotate it forward, like you want to curl up into a ball. Move smoothly, slowly, without jerks, will not help foot.

Breathe at the same rate as the twisted, gently, vertebrae by vertebrae, expand the body: first lay on the floor of the blade, then shoulders, then head.

The right exercise, You can't sit down, this feature shows that the work of the abdominal muscles, and nothing else.


Twisting. Basic errors

  1. Locking legslying in a horizontal plane, hanging of, for example, behind the sofa or with a partner. This station immediately transfers the load to other muscles. If the fixed leg abdominal muscles work only in the supine position on a flat bench or on a special simulator.
  2. Coordinate the movements with breathing. Remember that the rise in the case always happen, inhale and return to starting position exhale.
  3. Tear on the lower back to the floor. The lack of support for the lower back during sit-UPS is fraught with loss of the intervertebral discs. So at the beginning, twisting, trying to keep the lower back to the floor. If not, don't bend your back, put under the lower back of the folded several times a towel.
  4. You can do the exercise in spurts. Help during exercise, which Mahi hands and feet. If You can't tear off the floor your shoulders no, no, no blades, just try to feel the muscle tension from the ribs to the lower abdomen. It is important to stretch the right muscles, will not do the exercise a maximum amplitude.