What are we going to measure the result of slimming?

To understand what is going on? That is not depression, it's that there is no fear that the food, which significantly raised self-esteem, not the result.

Just a few pounds, she has lost a month, only two...

To lose weight at any cost!?


And sometimes vice versa. Woman drinking diuretics, laxatives, sitting on the buckwheat, which is not even cooking, and eating only boiled water.

He is pale, he could hardly drag his feet. But scales it for two weeks, fell as much as 4 pounds.

The result? I think not, even more than that, it is significantly worse than zero. But many disagree with me and even envied him. Wow, four pounds in two weeks! What is the impact, what is the mighty force!

And then the question is, what should measure the result of slimming? And what the result should be considered good and which are bad?

Weight loss. The success criteria. The real and imaginary

Traditionally, the results of the weight loss was measured and the measured still only kilograms and centimeters. Take any ad – "to Guarantee the results of 8 pounds a month!", "You will lose weight, at least 6 pounds in two weeks!", "You lose kilos and centimeters number you one after another!".

Conversations with friends knowing that someone lost 20 pounds, we were shocked by the results, we explain the method by which managed to do it, and be ready tomorrow to go get it yourself. If we learn that the weight loss was 6 or 8 kg, to say, "Yes, well, but, you see, not thirty, and not even 20". And quite frivolous, we think weight loss of 1-2 pounds per month.

History of weight loss Natasha

Pounds and inches, the rest does not interest us. But the drop in weight does not always give us what we expect of them.

This is the story of one of the patients. So, Natasha M., 18-year-old, 178 cm in height, 102 kg weight. High, size and fullness of his slender and beautiful girlfriend. The first thing is to weight loss, he was very good. Month three or four Natasha dropped 20 pounds and was close to the mark of 80 kg. Then weight loss stalled, and about a month we marked time – a pound here and there.

And when it is in my room in front of a mirror, critically examining her figure and said sadly: "What a hundred eighty. The same thing!". That's it! I hope the weight loss solve their own problems and find their solutions, of course, Natasha was desperate.

I think, and the slower decline in weight in the last month of our studies due to this. After all, if nothing changes for the better (one hundred eighty!), what makes sense is to watch your diet, exercise, limit sweets, and so on?

It was 12 years ago. And then I, like most of my patients, the most important criterion for effect was seen in the rate of weight loss. But this incident was perhaps one of the first, which got me to question this approach.

If your main pounds, why Natasha is not happy? So as such, weight is not the most important thing!

My patient was then to spend a few weeks in order to understand what really was waiting for Natasha slimming and are unable to?

It turned out that the biggest problem my patients to feel ugly, or like a psychologist would say, low self-esteem. Perhaps the reason for this was the noticeable birthmark on his face, perhaps, as is often the case, the fullness has developed later as a reaction to overeating, when food is necessary to the comfort and "cure" the feelings of their appearance?

So it was that by limiting the diet, and even losing weight, my patients, however, will not get rid of to reduce the hostile attitude. Therefore, depression, and slow down your weight loss, and the threat of imminent collapse.

Now when the cause has been found, we are focused on repairing self-assessment. In general, we are all a little underrated. All of us missing awareness of their features, uniqueness, missing the feeling of his natural life, your own body.

Of course, Natasha wasn't an exception. It seemed to her that she is ugly, but what he REALLY is, he did not know. I don't want to bore the reader with the intricacies of the psychological work. Of course, not always it turned out to be so easy and successful, but if Natasha it went very well, his attitude was fast enough to change for the better. And it immediately affects the results in weight loss. Next month Natasha, not particularly hard, falling five pounds.

Other: why do we lose weight, really?


Indeed, don't lose weight is thin and only weighs less than I do now. We wish losing weight to get a new quality, to achieve a state of harmony and happiness. But these feelings do not only depend on pounds. And so, the measurement result of only weight, consider that more weight is gone, the better, and most importantly, build our tactics on weight loss, completely wrong. And this is why...

Weight loss. Common sense and a complete lack of

Such tactics are dangerous to health, because it encourages people to adhere to too rigid a diet and torture yourself with exercise. It leads to the use of exposure, nothing to do losing weight is not, but at the expense of draining, which leads to some short-term weight loss. People sit in the sauna, exercise in warm clothes, trying to cause more sweating, use of diuretics and laxatives just to see the number of scales less than the previous day.

But hunger dangerous decrease in immunity, and, at least, the development of colds and the formation of stones in the gallbladder, for the development or exacerbation of gastritis and gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. The use of enemas and laxatives can lead to the development of atonic or spastic colitis.

This tactic dramatically increases the likelihood of failure and premature termination of the effort. Because it is directly aimed at the deterioration of the quality of life. Famine, lack of water, extreme fatigue grueling workouts! Most people can't tolerate it every day. Immediately suspended weight loss, all the pain and suffering lose their meaning, and the space becomes unbearable. But when the collapse is often observed to overeating and uncontrollable weight gain the original, and even higher. The tactics of the "weight at any cost" often becomes the cause of another round of increasing weight.

This traditional approach, listen to all kinds of advertising about 10-15 pounds in a month, we do not agree with the methods, which we consider a small impact, say, 2-3 pounds per month. Although this result can be achieved without much effort, and it promises to be permanent.

Finally, the most important thing. The tactics of the "weight at any price" is contrary to modern ideas about the nature of overweight and ways to solve it. Most scientists now consider the main cause of extra pounds is not only "over-nutrition" or "eating behavior" and a kind of imbalance between nutrition and physical activity-and/or some increase in the role that food is a factor, which protects against anxiety, brings joy and entertainment.

Is the basic principle of weight loss


This view of the problem is the basic principle of weight loss – it is complex, and most importantly, a careful approach – moderation in diet restrictions along with the toning exercises, plus some exposure to help to stay clear, positive mood – better sleep, a walk, a massage, a nice bath or shower. To create a positive mood, feelings of participation, a more clear understanding of motive, quite often, you want to work with a psychologist or therapist. And if this work is successful, the process of losing weight much easier. Agree, a good atmosphere, so it is necessary for the successful weight loss is quite difficult, if the person torturing yourself with hunger, sports, and even taking laxatives.

And here, we must agree that a good result is obtained, without the psycho-emotional and physical discomfort. And another question, how many dropped pounds. Indeed, when you can only use their effects, which actually give you something useful. You do not doubt that the result is a resolutely maintain. After all, he has not received in the battle, and in unity with himself, obtained a permanent lifestyle change, which led to obesity, a new, more energetic and gentle with yourself. This way of life is likely to lead to keep the weight off or continue to decline.

By the way, it is not necessary to consider a combination of tactics to compromise. Like, a diuretic, and buckwheat, even to their own detriment and not long, you can lose a lot of pounds. And through this our self-love and gentle attitude a little bit. I do not agree! I happened to see, when you use this tactics and and 5 and 7 pounds a month! And quite often.

And one more idea. If the increase in self-esteem, self-confidence, burst of energy and creative power, sense of control over the situation, the feeling of freedom a diet and the restrictions you succeed without changes in weight, it is also a good result. Although from the perspective of all slimming traditions, it is zero.

Another story of weight loss

This is the story weight loss one of my patients. Although its normal weight (58 kilograms and height in meters seventy) Tony struggling with trying to lose weight. Feel completely happy it hurt for 2-3 pounds, that "no, I haven't managed to lose". Rather, it was a success, but only a very strict diet and daily exercise at the gym. But it was enough to relax a little, the weight came back and threatened to go higher. When Tonya asked for help, his life was a constant "sitting" on a diet, with rare breaks (birthday, holidays), where these poor 2-3 pounds gained back. Fear in front of him, in front of her, as it seemed, uncontrolled appetite, fear of the future, where he saw himself probably fat and ugly. My main task in this case was to break this vicious circle – "sitting" on a diet, some weight loss, degradation, accumulation of weight.

Offer Tone first, learn how NOT to get FAT. Right, what is sensible to follow a diet and to suffer, if you still can keep the result? The tone was to ensure, maintain weight loss no need to ban. All that is needed is to slightly reduce the content in food fats and sweets, eating often and reasonably related goodies. Instead of grueling workouts much better assistance, walks, invigorating exercise and a healthy walk. And, instead of hostility and constant battle with yourself, it is better to treat yourself gently, with love, and stay positive.

Months later, my patient said to me: "you Know, doctor, I decided that not to tease – 58 pounds for my height – perfect weight. And now I don't know how to maintain it, especially without straining and without suffering. Thank you!". Believe me, I was very pleased with the outcome.