Lose weight in a week? It is real!

Many of us try to keep yourself in shape: I'm watching my weight, sit on a diet. And always stay for 2-3, sometimes 4-5 kg, which cannot be removed! Only a curse.

It turns out that to win the "curse of the last few pounds", you just need to follow three rules.

Real weight loss
  1. Trick carbohydrates

    In order to get rid of excess weight, you need to remove the cause. And the main reason perfection is the imbalance of hormones in the body.

    The dominant role is played by insulin. You could even say that the fat you are ruled by insulin, but the insulin is, in fact, control of carbohydrates. Therefore, the most effective diets are the no or low carb.

    How do they work? When you restrict your diet flour, sweet, fruit, insulin is not secreted. Body fat cells will absorb fat acids. As soon as you can eat foods with carbohydrates, it releases insulin, whose job is to deal with the received blood glucose (this is the only way for our body to digest any carbohydrates), free fatty acids in a hurry within the fat cells. And collect there big fat education.

    By limiting carbohydrates, we control insulin secretion and thus promotes weight loss. On the basis of this principle, all protein-fat diet.

    Conclusion:you can lose weight in a week , avoid the following foods: sugar and anything that contains sugar, potatoes, white rice, bread, sweet juice, honey. They primarily stimulate the production of insulin.

    The fit and the Dukan diet. No bread, nothing with flour, potatoes and fruits. But it is possible in any amount of lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products. And always in the morning - two tablespoons of oat bran. And the most important rule is to drink more water.

  2. Sleep properly

    People lose weight not due to the food, but because of the hormones that affect it. So, we talked about insulin, which plays a significant role in the accumulation of fat tissue. The main hormone controlling fats in the body is to grow. This is a very strong material. Produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. After this is in the body for about 50 minutes, and then decomposed in the liver. In this short time he is able to burn 150 grams of fat! But physiologically, this hormone is only during sleep. Deep stages, about 23-24 hours. Sometimes midnight. Therefore, in order to effectively lose weight, this time people need to sleep. But if you don't sleep that growth hormone is not produced, and lose weight, you can't.


    People do not lose weight, if poured. And it is easy to check, standing on the scales before bed and in the morning. If you haven't been eating at night, you will be surprised: 200-300 grams of weight somewhere to "go"! Some, of course, is water, which is evaporated with the breath. But most often it is the result of the action of growth hormone.

    Conclusion: Try to stay awake until 11 PM. And make sure you get enough sleep! Then only can lose a few pounds only properly held at night.

  3. Break down fat , When people have already lost a significant amount of pounds, fat cells, like a prison - the expert explains. It thickens the membrane and that fatty acids are more difficult to get out. Need to work through this plateau – period, when the weight goes up. A plateau can last up to a month.

    If the last pounds don't go away, because the stimulation can help any physical impact on the problem areas, fat. This can be a liquid, gas, vacuum massage, normal, lymphatic drainage massage, that is all, which helps to squeeze out fatty acids from fat cells. However, it is necessary to physically apply the load, that help burn these fats. For this purpose, are great aerobic exercise, such as walking in the fresh air. If fats are not used, then they again flock to the fat cells.

    Conclusion: if you still has the diet, and the weight does not go away — do not despair. Help of different type of massage and active walk in the fresh air.


The diet is not harmful?

Indeed, protein-fat diets promote the formation of renal urate stones in the development of gout, and many other diseases. This is due to the fact that the body is poisoned by the decay products of protein, which the body is unable to process this protein and in fact rot our gut. Occur autoimmune diseases intoxication. However, this problem occurs after a long diet, when you follow him for a long time!

The Dukan Diet

If we take the new year's diet, it has been shown in only a few days. And not urate stones this period can not be formed. Gout can also hardly a week will develop. But if you don't "sit" on a restrictive diet and limit or even eliminate fats or proteins, that is, simply hunger, pots and pounce on new year's table, which is a greasy salad, Mimosa under a fur coat, you can get a powerful blow to the liver and pancreas. Protein-fat diet, consume proteins and fats on a daily basis. Sitting at the banquet table, you can use all the same proteins and fats. Therefore, there is no liver dysfunction, you do not need to. In addition, the emptying of the gallbladder is just going, fat and carbohydrates. And thus prevents the development of gallstones. So this is not a diet, this is the principle.

In the diet I would like to add that it has helped millions of people lose weight. Although criticized, but there is not one person who died as a result of the use of diet, or received some kind of damage to your body on this diet. Therefore, because a universal remedy, this diet is effective for everyone. But every diet has its disadvantages. The main disadvantage of any universal diet that it is designed not for a specific person with his unique body. So still safer and more effective to just ask for help losing weight professional doctors. Experts, who have solved the problem of excess weight holistically.