Proper nutrition for weight loss menu every day

Get in shape and have a toned, slim and healthy body is the dream of every people. In addition, it is quite feasible, and a real dream, especially if you approach to implement it carefully and systematically. You've probably already guessed where we're going. So today we are going to discuss such topics as proper nutrition, menu daily weight loss, as well as tell you everything you need to know about for beginners.

eating for weight loss

Proper nutrition or diet?

And it can and does the same thing? But if there is a fundamental difference, what is it? It is these issues, and there are many newcomers who do not share these two concepts. In fact, there is a difference, and it radically both in purpose and methods. But about all under the order:

  • Goal. Needless to say why most of the women and then sit on a diet? Of course, the main objective is to reduce the weight to any desired figure. If proper nutrition, the goal is modified slightly. Of course, losing weight and then standing on top position, but more emphasis on the stabilization of weight at a certain level, which is the norm for a particular person, as a continuous and often uncontrolled blushing. The health and normal functioning of the body, but not thin;
  • During the. Typically, a diet is a temporary operation, which lasts a week, two weeks, a month tops. During this period, in most cases, it is possible to achieve the desired result of weight loss. The transition to a proper diet certainly will not bring quick results, in addition, you can change your diet for a couple weeks and expect supernatural results just does not make sense. After all, no need to change the food in the refrigerator, and the thinking and approach to nutrition in General;
  • Variety in the diet. Most diets are built to a sharp decline products in the diet, the amount of which sometimes sharply to zero. About what is already here diversity can speak. In the second case, the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates always observed, and therefore, the body eats the whole;
  • The health benefits of. Already read the previous paragraph, it was possible to draw certain conclusions. The general result of sitting on a diet to become slim waist, as originally planned, and falling hair, brittle nails, dry and flabby skin. And if time does not stop, so this list more problems of the teeth and deterioration of the General state of health. The reason for this is the lack of substances needed by the body for normal functioning. Very small, which he will receive during the period of the diet is to maintain the vital organs, which, in his opinion, not all of the above. The right diet, the menu every day, which is perfectly balanced, has the opposite effect, accelerate the metabolism and cause the body to run the day-to-day;
  • The duration of the result. What is lost during a diet the weight will come back, de more by adding the grandma not to walk. After such a hard shake, the body begins to literally everything you eat to save money, because you can expect that after two weeks of buckwheat porridge (figuratively speaking, of course) remains thin until retirement, unfortunately, not need (nor like!). A slim figure is a lot of work and constant proper nutrition.
principles of nutrition

Hmm, somehow turned grim. It now appears that diet is some kind of universal evil. It is actually certainly not catastrophic, one only has to think of the mind. Here the rules are simple: I want to get a gorgeous dress here for a week on a diet, but don't forget to drink extra vitamin complexes. Want to become the owner of a gorgeous figure and healthy body, change your approach to eating. How to do it right? From that point forward.

Transitional rules

As if we don't like, but waking up in the morning a new person with completely new habits and wishes have been obtained only units. The vast majority of diet change is becoming quite a long and painful process. Constant thoughts of food, resistant desire to eat forbidden foods - all these are signs of too sharp a transition, when there is not enough psychological readiness to definitively draw a line between the useful and, frankly, harmful products.

However, these moments can be significantly mitigated, to facilitate the transition to proper nutrition, the menu for the week to consider. Here are a few simple tips on how to do this most effectively:

  • Reduce the portions. The volume of our stomach is about as big as a slightly bent palms. Every time, when sitting behind the desk just looked at the palm of your hand and roughly estimate the amount you can eat at one time. now let it be even more of your favorite fried potatoes, but that number, it will bring much less harm;
  • Change not products, and the method of their processing. For example, the same potatoes: do not fry, bake or boil in their jackets + is the usual small number of parts - the potato is much less bad and can afford it. It works for absolutely all products. Because the hide out of the pans, because we now have baked, steamed or boiled;
  • The lack of a strong flavored food substitute sauces, which are prepared independently at home. Try to make them very spicy or tangy, as it only stimulates the appetite (not to be confused with hunger!);
  • Coffee 3 in 1 and a sweet tea to replace green tea without sugar. Tannins it as much as the first two drinks, so energy is guaranteed, and a nice bonus will be to improve metabolism;
  • Try not to drink during meals. Anything useful is not, and the stomach walls are stretched. As a result, the next time you want to, part of the more. After a couple of SIPS of dry food is high. And the 30-40 minutes, you can drink a Cup of tea or a glass of water.

And, of course, almost the most important rule is gradual. Sudden diet change is a huge stress unsuspecting body.

The principles of proper nutrition

proper nutrition

About as many say, but in most cases it is some common phrase, does not allow to create some kind of unified picture. We have tried to systematize this information, highlighting the basic principles of proper nutrition for weight loss, sample menu, which is now much easier.

  1. Eat according to the principle 3+2. Three meals + 2 snacks a day. Yes, the normal force does not need to reduce, and to increase the number of meals (but we are aware of the portion size). Leaving the abdomen more than 4 hours without food, we provoke ourselves to eat a lot more than he was trying to get caught up. A snack could be cottage cheese, natural yoghurt or kefir, fresh vegetables or fruit, dried fruit or nuts, but again in moderation.
  2. Choose a specific time for meals. Our body wants stability, and if we don't give him food regularly, he is not any reason to postpone it for later use. The ideal mode of eating looks like this:
  • 7.00 - Breakfast
  • 10.00 - snack
  • 13.00 - lunch
  • 16.00 - snack
  • 19.00 - dinner

This is of course assuming that you wake up about 6.30, in any case, everyone should adapt this system to fit your life schedule.

  1. Select only fresh products. And here we speak not so much of fresh vegetables and fruits, how about the refusal to fast food, fat-free or light options, different types of sausages or meats, pre-cooked food. It is best if you can prepare at home by yourself all the products that you are absolutely sure.
  2. Vegetables and fruits. They eat at least 2 servings per day. It is desirable, that it was seasonal products, because they have focused on the most use. If it is winter, when our latitude, the greens are simply impossible to grow, it is better to replace it by freezing or salting, than to buy even fresh, but completely seals the vegetables.
  3. Drinking system. This is incredibly important! 2 liters of pure water - this is the minimum that you should drink.
  4. Proteins. They should be at least 1/3 of the food and become a part of every meal. Fish, chicken, Turkey, dairy products, or tofu - the best sources of protein nutrition, menu every day for girls is to maintain them.
  5. Carbohydrates. Only complex, long split, and thus allows for a longer be fed. Any bakery, confectionery or starch. It is all it can be, but the competent approach: bread wheat flour, pasta - durum wheat. I hope the principle is clear.
  6. Fats. Only useful. Nuts, avocados, fish, flax seed or olive oil coarse.
  7. Abstinence from alcohol. Full. The only exception could be a red semi-dry or dry wine, the amount of which is not more than half of the glass and is not more than 2 times a week.

As you can see, nothing complicated here, the main thing to keep balance and rationalize our meals.

And most importantly


Of course, reading so much, I want to know, what is it in the menu every day for weight loss the right diet. To give a simple answer to it is simply impossible, because the ideal is precisely the body and selected individually. But a rough meal plan we give, we do not share that day, because those options to find what you want today.

Breakfast options:

  • An egg-white omelette (4-5 pieces) + 2 tablespoons of buckwheat + 150 grams of fresh vegetables;
  • 150 grams of cottage cheese + greens + 200 grams of fresh lettuce;
  • 100 grams of oatmeal with fresh or dried fruit;
  • Sandwiches, bread, tomatoes and cheese, a cup of tea;
  • Cheese + your favorite fruit + a touch of honey;
  • Scrambled eggs with milk (2 eggs) + a couple of spoonfuls of porridge, yogurt;
  • 2 tbsp buckwheat + 100 grams of chicken breast + fresh salad (chicken and fish can be alternated).

Options for lunch:

  • Brown rice + steamed vegetables + 150-200 grams of meat;
  • Easy fried soup + bread, vegetables + fish;
  • Boiled beans + chicken breast + vegetable salad;
  • Pasta made from durum wheat + steam chicken/chicken + vegetables;
  • Casserole cauliflower + lean meat;
  • Buckwheat + vegetable salad/sauerkraut + fried meat;
  • Grilled vegetables + steamed fish + porridge.

The dining options. Although what this options. Vegetables + boiled/baked meat, fish, steam meat or fish cakes + scrambled eggs without milk. Alternate options for vegetable side dishes and meat/fish, it is possible to achieve diversity.

Snacking. We have already talked a little bit before, but just in case, remember that it can be fruits, vegetables, breads, oatmeal cookies, homemade, nuts, dried fruit, a glass of kefir or yogurt.

As you can see, using different combinations of even our proposed products (and the list their number is not limited), you can make full, and different main menu month weight loss and proper nutrition. Of course, it will need to include fantasy and to pull a small culinary skills, but the goal is worth it.