Simple recipes for weight loss: menus and products table

For maximum results, when to get rid of excess weight need to use, so the daily menu, healthy recipes, healthy eating for weight loss. A balanced diet helps to improve metabolism, get rid of unnecessary pounds and reach the desired size. All you need is to be able to combine products and know their features. Recipes for weight loss based on proven calorie foods.

proper nutrition for weight loss

The basic principles of proper nutrition

Diet weight loss diet based on a combination of foods that help get rid of excess weight. In addition, as the power system includes a number of basic rules, observing that and achieve the slimming effect. These are:

  • recipes all meals should be balanced in protein, fat and carbohydrates. In addition to the recipe is to add fiber and dishes that contain vitamins and minerals needed by the body to maintain life;
  • need to control the size of servings. You must follow the rule: less is more - reduce the portion size, but still more often eating;
  • each of the people adhere to the principles of proper diet and wants to lose weight should at least roughly can calculate the energy value of the recipes;
  • you can't skip Breakfast. Although the body does not experience hunger, this meal is impossible to Breakfast will give you energy throughout the day. Also half an hour before the first meal you need to drink a glass of warm water - this will start the process of metabolism. Diversify Breakfast, there are many recipes for weight loss;
  • the daily diet you to eliminate harmful products. These include fried and fatty foods, flour products, fast food, sweets, alcohol. Their use significantly slows down the process of losing weight;
  • if the body is difficult to adapt to a diet that consists of only recipes of dishes, which are prepared without added sugar, the better these menu components to replace useful analogues: candy can be made with dried fruit and nuts, cookies to bake oatmeal house recipe and sugar, tea can be replaced with honey;
  • it is better to buy the products, recipes trusted manufacturers, who do not grow and produce them by adding various chemicals and hormones. It applies in particular to meat and fish - they contain the most growth hormone, which have a negative impact, as in the process of weight loss and the human body in General;
  • the use of salt recipes for weight loss also better to minimize, because it promotes fluid retention and can cause swelling. Recipes for weight loss should be very small amount of salt;
  • in addition to the recipes for weight loss, menu, DD must have a daily fluid intake of at least 2 liters;
  • carefully and slowly chew the food. This will help to quickly satiated by eating less food.

Products table recipes

Create your own recipes with proper nutrition, you can be guided by the following table, which lists permitted and prohibited products for weight loss

Products, which are allowed weight loss Prohibited products weight loss Products, the use of which is necessary to limit the
Vegetables (all except potatoes), Fruit, Cereals; dairy products (low-fat); Fish, lean meat (chicken, Turkey); whole wheat bread, Eggs, Legumes, Nuts; Mushrooms Food and drinks that contain added sugar, Flour products (excepting pasta made from durum wheat); prepared food; fast food; Candy, Pastry, Smoked meat, Canned; Mayonnaise. Red meat; butter; vegetable oil; White rice, White bread, Potatoes, Dried fruit.

How to plan your diet when losing weight

diet for weight loss

The proper distribution of meals and steering components can affect the achievement of results such as weight loss, so it is better to plan your meals and stick to this routine daily:

  • in the process of losing weight in no case do not skip Breakfast;
  • you need to avoid the feeling of hunger, when the body lacks food, it begins to Deposit fat. To avoid this, you need to use recipes for snacks for weight loss;
  • all the recipes healthy diet weight loss should be a balanced composition;
  • eat measured and small portions, but often;
  • pre-plan your day include exercise, but combine them with meals not to visit on a full stomach and not much to eat after a workout;
  • if an urgent need to eat one of the prohibited products, it is best to do it, but keep yourself in hands.


Cook real meals with these recipes using images easily, and each of them can be large, for example, a healthy diet and lead to weight loss

Recipe: pasta with vegetables and chicken

Pasta (durum wheat) cooked without added salt. Small zucchini cut into thin circles (shell, where the plant is not clean), add the green beans and broccoli. Vegetables simmer in the pan, adding a little soy sauce or teriyaki sauce. Chicken breast cut into small pieces, add to the vegetables. When cooking vegetables and chicken can be mixed with pasta or serve separately.

Recipe: fish with white sauce

This recipe weight loss is good, because the ingredients can be varied according to personal preference. The sauce can be prepared in advance: a couple of tablespoons of sour cream (low-fat) mixed with a pinch of nutmeg and black pepper. Add the chopped (preferably in blender) salted or pickled cucumbers, a small spoon of mustard.

Cook the fish: it can take any white sea fish (cod, sea bass, hake, tilapia, halibut), free from skin and bones, sprinkle with lemon juice, spread on a baking sheet and bake. You can do this when you add fish, vegetables are also good cut into thin rings leek. When cooking the dish is served with white sauce, sprinkle with cumin.

Recipe: stuffed zucchini

Small zucchini (the smaller, the better), cut in half lengthwise, eat meat. Pre-grate the cheese. Add its mass to the zucchini, season with garlic and a mix of Provencal herbs. Fill each of the halves with the mixture. Cut cherry tomatoes into 2 parts and placed in the boat the entire length. Sprinkle with chopped parsley, cilantro or onions.

Tip: these recipes is better to use a soft cheese - it's low-calorie product, which allows not to add salt to the dish, contributing to weight loss.

Salad weight loss vegetables beans

Cook 2 kinds of beans: red and white. Add the diced tomato. Complement the salad with corn kernels and finely chopped greens and dill and parsley. Salad 1/3 vinegar (alternatively: you can add chopped onion, previously marinated in vinegar) or lemon juice and pepper.

Shawarma for weight loss

the right diet

This recipe is suitable for those who want to lose weight, not while denying themselves familiar food. As pita is better to take bread made of whole wheat flour. It is also possible to prepare myself. Instead of mayonnaise, a layer of pita bread, sour cream and add the chopped greens (dill, parsley, chives, Basil, you can use a combination of different spices, with no MSG). Chicken, cut into pieces, sauté with soy sauce. In the center of tortillas with sauce, cucumber (tires), avocado (thin slices), chicken, salad, add pomegranate seeds. Wrap envelopes or rolls.

Recipe for weight loss: stuffed mushrooms

This recipe can be replaced by a pizza with the right diet and losing weight. Mushrooms better to take more. Separate the legs from hats of mushrooms. Legs finely chop, add the broccoli, disassembled into florets, bell pepper cubes and tomato cubes. Fill this mixture into the mushroom caps, sprinkle with cheese. Bake in the oven.

Vegetable salad

This is one of the variations of recipes salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, which is an integral part of the menu for weight loss. Cherry tomatoes cut in half cucumber cut into thin strips, onions, pre-marinated with wine vinegar. Mix all, adding the arugula, sprinkle with spices.

Sample diet proper nutrition for weight loss every day

In order to learn over time to control the food, not always count calories, for starters, you can keep a diary proper nutrition, which record all foods eaten per day. It contributes to the analysis of food, weight loss and still make the recipes yourself without difficulty. For starters, you can use sample everyday menu nutrition:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks (distribution day) Drinks
1 Oatmeal on the water Breast of chicken, stewed with vegetables. Side dish - pasta made from durum wheat Vegetable stew with slices of soy meat 50 g of dried fruits; sandwich bread with a slice of salmon and avocado Still water, green tea, herbal tea, coffee without sugar; natural fruit and vegetable juices.
2 Cucumber salad with tomatoes and herbs. Bread grain bread slice tomato, mozzarella cheese and greens Casserole broccoli, cheese and eggs. Brown rice with calamari (and other seafood) 1 Apple, bread grain bread with curd cheese (or cottage cheese) and herbs
3 Buckwheat porridge on the water Vegetable soup with bread A small piece of boiled beef and stewed zucchini with eggplant 50 grams of nuts; a glass of kefir (you can add a small spoon of honey)
4 Cottage cheese (low-fat) sour cream or fruit Chicken and buckwheat. Cereals can be livened up with carrots and onions Egg omelet, mixed vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, onions, peppers) Oatmeal cookies (no sugar); a handful of dried fruit
5 Fruit salad with natural yogurt Rice cream soup with vegetables Casserole cheese. Salad of fresh cabbage and carrots A cup of yogurt; 1 Apple
6 Millet porridge on the water Vegetable casserole (zucchini, tomato, carrot, eggplant, egg) A piece of boiled white fish, brown rice Sandwich rice bread is not too salty trout and cucumber slice
7 Rice porridge on the water Scrambled eggs with a piece of fried chicken Salad of fresh beetroot, cabbage and carrots and a piece of boiled beef A cup of yogurt, handful of nuts

Sample diet proper nutrition for weight loss a week

healthy food

Recipes must include dishes, taking into account the characteristics of the organism, while promoting weight loss:

  1. Breakfast better to eat foods that provide the body with enough energy for the whole day. The most healthy Breakfast is porridge made with water. Useful grains include: brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, millet. Complement your morning meal can be a boiled egg or a loaf of black bread, cheese or a slice of not too salty fish.
  2. Lunch should be a balanced intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The optimal solution can be vegetable, fish or chicken soup. Days techniques of liquid foods can be alternated with solid food: a piece of boiled meat or fish, complemented by a side dish of cooked grain or vegetables.
  3. For dinner, you should eat a take into account the recipes easier for the body to food. It can be vegetable salads, casseroles, vegetable stew with pieces of meat or seafood. A light dinner is the key to success when losing weight.
  4. Like a bite to consume a couple of glasses of low-fat yogurt a day. Also a great solution comes from the fruit (in reasonable quantities), nuts and dried fruits.
  5. Stick to a proper diet, weekly or 1 time in 2 a week to arrange fasting days.

Sample diet proper nutrition weight loss in one month

Make a plan the right diet for a month, you need to follow the General rules, which form our daily diet. The recipes used are the same, they are based on the combination of useful products. The key thing to remember is that the result does not come immediately. You need to be patient and not to deviate from the principles of proper nutrition. Only in this case, a slim figure is no longer a dream, but a reality. There is another useful tip that often helps to lose weight, no less than healthy recipes: shopping on a full stomach.

The right choices of snacks

These meals are equally important in the preparation of proper nutrition the quest to lose weight. They should be healthy, nutritious and promote weight loss. All these features are dried fruits and nuts. It is important to use them a little bit - quite a bit of powder is enough. There are also recipes for healthy snacks can be a healthy sandwich. In this case, the bread, it is better to use whole wheat, and complementary recipes healthy sandwiches with a slice of cheese, a cucumber, not too salty fish, tomato, herbs or cheese. All these ingredients can be used separately or combined, make a delicious sandwich recipes for weight loss. The metabolism promotes a Cup of yogurt, so it's worth paying attention to. Such recipes do not require a lot of time in their preparation, but is able to keep eating junk food.

Compliance with all the principles and conditions of proper nutrition by using recipes for weight loss along with active exercise is a solution in the fight against obesity. It is important to be patient and go confidently to the planned purpose.