How to lose weight 10 kg - detailed recommendations

10 pounds is a serious weight, if it is unnecessary. Partially this amount of fat reserves difficult. There are many techniques on how to quickly lose weight 10 kg, including diet, exercise, cosmetic procedures, surgery. We'll talk about how to spice up your own act, that is at home.

how to lose 10 kg

How to lose 10 pounds in a week?

Close to the festival, an important day, a holiday or just the beginning of the summer to girls and women to look for ways to lose weight. And if the beautiful dress you have sure to get, of course, are the most hard diet even hunger. Help these diets to lose weight and how it affects your health?

Without exception, nutritionists against Free diet, because during them you will lose valuable muscle tissue and water. Quick diet can cause serious and even irreparable damage to organs — say experts of dietetics. And, of course, no one is the question of how to lose weight in a day for 10 kg, then such a result will help to achieve unless surgical measures.

Doctors recommend that you can to extend the time frames at least a month. A reasonable restriction in food, and is needed for cardiovascular and loads you can conquer this weight. And to the question: "How to safely lose 10 pounds in a week?" — the answer is — it can be done.

If you are only interested in the final result and date only a week left to use as a strict diet. Be sure to consult with your doctor about contraindications to your diet.

How to lose weight with buckwheat 10 kg?

Buckwheat diet is very effective, because you 7 days to dramatically reduce the calories in the daily diet. Buckwheat, you can solve problems, how to quickly lose weight 10 kg. Reviews, this diet proves its effectiveness.

The essence of the diet is the following.

  1. Throughout the week, you can eat only buckwheat. Cook porridge on the water without the additives, like salt and oil. It is better not to boil and steam the barley, because it retains more nutrients.
  2. Eat buckwheat as much as you want until you feel full.
  3. Other acceptable products — a couple of green apples a day, a glass of kefir or low-fat yogurt.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids. It can be pure drinking water, mineral drinks without gas, unsweetened green tea or herbal tea.
  5. Last meal — just 3 hours before bedtime.

Diet 10x10

Diet 10x10 doesn't fit to ask questions, how to lose 10 pounds in a week, because the authors provide a diet weight loss 10 days. Take advantage of this power system is that it includes more allowed foods as mono, which means that it is easier to deal with.

The most important food in the diet — the protein contained in lean meat, poultry, fish, seafood, egg whites, low-fat dairy products. Deficiency of carbohydrate food, forcing your body to burn fat mass to give the body enough energy.

Principles of the diet

losing weight buckwheat
  1. Drink a glass of pure room temperature water as soon as you wake up.
  2. Meat and fish is better not to fry and cook without oil on the grill or steamed, fried, boiled.
  3. Discard the sour cream and mayonnaise. Salads use vegetable oil or lemon juice.
  4. One of the meals, and combine protein foods with carbohydrates in a ratio of 2:1 (for example, 200 g of boiled chicken breast and 100 g of cauliflower a couple).
  5. Drink up to 2 liters of plain water a day. Recommended to drink 30 minutes before a meal and 30 minutes after, but not during the meal.
  6. The last meal before 20.00.
  7. Eat 5 times a day. Frequent food stimulates metabolism in the body.
  8. Dispose of all high-calorie and junk food. Remove the fried foods, starchy and sugary foods, processed foods, sausages, fatty dairy products and fatty meats, pickled foods, smoked meat and pickles, starchy vegetables, fruits, fast food, alcohol.

Sample menu for 1 day

  • Breakfast: a couple of fried eggs, tomatoes, 100 g of natural yoghurt a handful of berries, a Cup of herbal tea.
  • Snack: 200 ml fat yogurt, a handful of berries.
  • Lunch: boiled fish, stewed zucchini and other vegetables.
  • Afternoon tea: treat yourself to a few sushi.
  • Dinner: boiled poultry, cauliflower steamed, a Cup of unsweetened tea.

How to lose weight 10 kg in 2 weeks?

To lose weight 10 kg in 2 weeks, you need to collect all his will into a fist. You expect a strict dietary restrictions and heavy physical exertion.

1. The Low-carb diet. Throughout the course of the diet you can't afford one gram of biscuits, chocolates or other sweets. Only a complete rejection of carbohydrate food will allow you to achieve your desired results.

Your diet should consists of the following products:

  • lean meat, mostly boiled chicken or lean fish, steamed;
  • raw vegetables, except potatoes.

The more you have, the less you need to overcome the feeling of hunger. With the constant nourishment of the body with food, you can teach him to take food only what you need and not stored for carbohydrates into fat. Doses, of course, should be small.

2. Exercise. To burn fat you need intense exercise where your heart rate accelerates, and your body will actively provide the sweat. This aerobic exercise, such as Jogging, Cycling, aerobics, water gymnastics, fitness center. You can do at home, in the gym, go Jogging every morning — all this is easy to make at home. To help you and easiest trainer — jump rope a jump rope fat going to be very happy.

About how to lose 10 kg, the video is about the best. Frequent and intense cardio is the key to your beautiful body.

Is there a way to use sports to cope with cravings. If you don't excruciatingly want chocolate or ice cream, do 50 squats. After this load would, most likely, will disappear. If there is no lost — another 50 squats come to the rescue.


3. Manual anti-cellulite massage. Massage is included in the complex of intensive weight loss. When a large excess weight it is able to reduce the amount of body 3-7 cm course. As well this method to tighten the body, such as a scarf. 10-15 sessions right scarf to reduce the volume of the body several inches, reduce the appearance of cellulite and makes the skin more elastic.

How to lose 10 pounds in a month?

Weight loss of 10 kg in a month is possible. Nutritionists avoid the diet where you can lose more than 1 kg a week. But the loss of 2-3 kg in 7 days is not so terrible for the body.

The main enemies of weight loss

  1. Insufficient amount of water a day. Without large amounts of fluid to lose weight fail, in principle. Because split water to remove fat and toxins. Drink up to 2 liters of fluid a day.
  2. Late dinner. When bedtime unbearably want to eat, to fill the throat, which is only 15 calories per 100 grams or half a Cup of low-fat yogurt.
  3. The wrong combination of products. It is useful to know a bit about separate nutrition. If its principles are difficult to implement, at least try not to mix carbs and fats.
  4. Lack of quality rest. Scientists have found that the best way the human body is a rest from 9pm until 2am. At the same time, the body releases a special hormone, which is involved in splitting of fat cells. Hormone occurs only during sleep, so if you had a habit of going under in the morning, you are depriving yourself of so simple and healthy way to lose weight.

The most common reason is the desire to lose weight, the proximity of the warm season. Control fats and carbohydrates in your diet tell you how to lose weight in summer, 10 kg , and even better — to fly.

The basis of the diet:

  • vegetables raw, boiled, steamed, fried and steamed, (excluding potatoes);
  • fruits and fruit drinks without sugar (except bananas and grapes);
  • boiled eggs, especially protein;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • porridge from cereals;
  • bread from whole grains.

Products that should be excluded from the diet:

  • flour, sweets, confectionery, chocolate, ice cream;
  • salt;
  • butter, vegetable oil, animal fat and vegetable fat;
  • all fried, smoked, salted, pickled;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • sugar;
  • spices, ketchup, mustard.

Physical activity is the best assistant in the question of how to lose weight 10 kg. Exercises must be performed regularly, the frequency depending on the load type.

  • You just need to 2-3 fitness classes a week to keep in shape and does not allow the fat to accumulate again.
  • Give up the Elevator and pass several bus stops on foot, returning to work. Fast walking nutritionists called the most affordable way to lose fat.
  • Do exercises in the morning and in the evening, take 10-15 minutes of jumping rope.

How to lose weight 10 kg?

Men and women get fat differently. Even without medical knowledge, it is possible to note, that the size of men is normally distributed in the abdomen and waist, and women are the hips, flanks and full Breasts. The male body accumulates fat tissue is mainly fatty foods, while women get fat from carbohydrates.

According to statistics, the slender representatives of the stronger sex is more confident, has success with women, get more pleasure from physical intimacy, even earn more. Needless to say, that a man looks more attractive, young and healthy. At any age you have the opportunity to lose weight and live life to the fullest.

Rules for weight loss for men:

the rest of the
  • Eat often, and a fraction. As a rule, meal, men eat more than women. Train the body frequent meals in small portions.
  • Find a routine. If you don't like gyms and fitness, enjoy football, basketball game or other sports. Active playing soccer 3 times a week is equivalent to 3 full cardio workout in the gym. Start Jogging at a convenient time, gradually increasing the distance. A combination of aerobic and strength training for men — the most effective way to burn fat.
  • Reduce fatty foods. At the same time the heat value of the menu to reduce the fat already have a positive effect in the picture.
  • Try a raw food diet.
  • Sleeping enough. Lack of sleep, especially chronic, slow down the system metabolic processes in the body.
  • To save the results. You can do this systematically weigh yourself and take measurements of body volume. You can see your progress, and it will be a stimulus for further achievements.

Baby to lose about 10 kg?

The extra weight of the child can be related to diseases. But if the extra weight is not the result of disturbances in the body, it cause the fat is always the same — poor diet.

To help children cope with the excess weight only you can. You should understand, that 10 kg of excess weight — a serious problem for children. Excess fat can cause the development of many diseases already in childhood. And puberty complete a Teenager can get mental disorders, stress, due to their attractive appearance.

Adjust the diet of their children, in accordance with the following rules.

  1. A smaller amount of water up to 1 l per day.
  2. Put into children's meals with less salt. Began to reduce the portion of salt gradually, so that the child does not resist is not a salty food.
  3. Severely limit foods rich in fast carbohydrates and fats refractory. This confectionery and sweets, sugar, pasta, semolina, etc.
  4. Meat soup substitute vegetable.
  5. Frying oil I prefer braising, boiling, cooking for a couple on the grill.
  6. To avoid starving child to feed him more often, but reduce the portions.
  7. Increase the amount of fiber. Fiber large amounts of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, dried fruit. You can buy fiber in powder form and add it to cereal, dairy products.

It is important that the child spend more calories than it gets. If your child is not accustomed to active games, you need to instill in him a love of sports. Ask, play football or tennis, and actually attend classes. Provide children with outdoor games, encourage his success. Interest in education, it increases the likelihood that the child is interested in the movement.

How to lose 10 kg after giving birth?

Lose weight after giving birth is sometimes very problematic. You're tired, you need to show your child, post-partum depression makes you more likely to eat sweets.

In order to solve the question of how to lose weight 10 kg without support, if you have recently given birth, are mapped to an endocrinologist and a nutritionist. These doctors rule out hormonal disturbances and disturbances in metabolism. If you have no contraindications, you can start to lose weight.

  1. In lactation is forbidden to a strict diet and intensive physical training. Take care of yourself and your baby, and weight loss leave it for a more appropriate time.
  2. Start reducing caloric intake is possible up to 6 weeks after the birth. If you have had a cesarean section, wait diet for 2 months during the event. By cutting calories, make sure that you have consumed all the nutrients. Because of the lack of them affect the composition of milk. The average energy value of the menu during feeding should not be less than 2000 calories.
  3. Immediately take the child from the breast can reduce the calorie intake to 1600 calories.
  4. Fight postpartum depression. Instead of sweets, which the women used to catch them in a bad mood, do simple physical exercises. It is proved that the load can withstand strong desire to eat. It is also important to support your loved ones.
  5. Immediately after birth is contraindicated, vigorous exercise. Walk in the fresh air with the wagon. Brisk walking will burn 150 calories in 20 minutes. 4-5 months after birth, you can afford lessons with an instructor. The best time to go to yoga and Pilates. Aerobics appears only at the end of the feeding.