Running for weight loss - how much you can run, how to start

Many people who lose weight, tried different options to achieve harmony. Often, such efforts end in despair: weight or stops, or begins to slightly increase. To mask the frustration, constantly visited by the thought to throw pounds is not successful. The fact that every body reacts differently to different nutrition plans and exercise. But it is not a reason to abandon the rational solution is to find an effective slimming in a particular case. The results may depend on genetic predisposition, metabolic and other health-related factors. To find the best way to become thinner, it takes time and patience, as well as several experiments with different foods and sports load. One of the most effective exercises in this direction is considered to be running. Maybe he will be the first step on the road to find the perfect image.

running for weight loss

Why running causes weight loss?

The right training can lead to significant weight loss. According to the study, runners have achieved the desired results in a shorter period of time than those who practiced an equivalent amount of other exercises. The main reason is that a reasonable load to burn more calories per minute than swimming, Cycling or other sports. Accelerated metabolism and actively burn calories leads to loss of pounds. Thus the skin becomes flabby, like a exhausting diet.

In addition to this, Jogging has a beneficial effect on the body:

  • tightened the muscles;
  • blood saturated with oxygen;
  • to improve metabolism;
  • strengthens the heart muscle;
  • reduce body fat;
  • increases immunity.

The class is effective, provided that the load is balanced, the constantly increasing levels of difficulty. Weight loss can be achieved by the regular activities, the effectiveness of which depends on the time of Jogging.

When is the best time to run is morning or evening?

The main rule – not to do the exercises. This means that you must first consult their biorhythms. Someone likes sports, someone more willing to do tonight. Experts say that exercise in the morning lead to faster and more dramatic results.

Choose Jogging in the morning should be for those who want to:

  • get the power of the coming day;
  • cheer up before work;
  • to lighten the mood.

In the evening treadmill workouts for weight loss speed up the burning of carbohydrates, not fat. They can choose the ones that wants to get rid of stress and fatigue accumulated during the day. It is important to remember that only those exercises that are performed for pleasure, bring results.

What to eat before and after running weight loss?

There is a popular misconception: if you can't eat after a run, it is possible to get rid of pounds. This is the wrong approach to fasting can slow down the process of losing weight. Another question – what is it? You should decide the right products and their quantities. Preference should be given fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals.

Exclude completely from the diet should be:

  • fast food;
  • soda;
  • chips;
  • mayonnaise;
  • all types of sugar;
  • flour;
  • fatty, smoked, salted food;
  • snacks on the move, etc.

In the morning at least an hour before a run, you can eat a small serving of oatmeal after a workout for 60 minutes just to drink. In the extreme case of hunger, stomach ailments, can be no earlier than 30 minutes after the run, eat an Apple. After the evening class, it is recommended to drink a glass of buttermilk, you can substitute a small dose of nonfat cottage cheese.

In order to comply with the water balance should be enjoy the whole day at least 2 liters of pure water. 60 minutes before you need to drink one glass and another half an hour before the start of classes. Drink small SIPS of resolved and in the process of running. Half an hour after you stop physical activity can consume 250 ml of fluid.

How to choose the length of run and the pace effective weight loss?

That exercise was successful, you need to know how is the weight savings. After 40 minutes of running burns carbs and only then starts burning fat. So, start to lose weight, you need to do at least 50 minutes daily. An untrained person immediately to get such a load – wrong and dangerous.

Design the exercises to consider:

how to lose weight through running
  • excessive weight;
  • health properties, including existing chronic diseases;
  • physical standby.

The first works, the optimal time is half an hour, and right alternately slow and fast walking. Next week is the most suitable leisurely pace. For beginners the ideal option in this case would be rather fast walking. Before the start of classes each time you need to do to warm up the muscles. In addition, unprepared dieters need to plan breaks between classes, for example, every third day. Over time, the amount of rest a week has been reduced, and the length of the daily drive to achieve one hour. On the internet you can find many ready-made systems for weight loss based on running the activities, so that everyone can choose a suitable option. And even before the beginning of the workout is the right to consult a therapist or a practicing coach.

Type running for weight loss

There are a number of techniques, and each of them is possible to achieve to reduce the number of different areas. Also a certain type of load depends on the strengthening of certain muscles and organs. Appropriate training, not only reduce weight, but also strengthen the body and saturate it with energy, increase immunity.


This is suitable for people with any level of education, with the exception of having injuries of the musculoskeletal system or in the presence of a malfunction of the cardiovascular system. It contains moving with a velocity of 9 km / h. Advantage is a special movement technique: pushing one foot at a time, when the second leg is lowered to the ground. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the lower extremities and the heart muscle. These kits are perfect for beginners, as in this case, compared to the usual drive to reduce the load on the joints of the limbs, which reduces the risk of injury.


Around the world, these exercise known as walking at a quick pace. It is lighter classes, they are suitable for people with a sedentary lifestyle, which have a significant degree of obesity, for beginners. Despite its apparent simplicity, occupations have their own rules. First, the speed should be slightly higher than normal when walking. Secondly, it is important to take the movement of the foot the whole leg from the hips. Third, the stomach should suck and back should be straight. Fourth, the arms should be bent at the elbows and move one of the rhythm foot. To reduce weight, doing light Jogging, work only when you win a rather large distances.

Running for weight loss uphill

These exercises can be done at any height on a treadmill it is possible to optimally choose the angle. Sustainable weight loss should include them at least 1 time per week training plan. They involve almost all the muscles, that will help you lose extra pounds, and strengthening muscles. A particularly effective such action affect reducing the volume in problem areas.

Interval running weight loss

This option requires that the speed of change. One batch should be run slowly, the other as quickly as possible. These sessions should be practiced, has acquired the necessary experience Jogging. The main advantage of this technique is that the inertia of the body maintain a high metabolism even in periods of slow pace. As a result, the inside of the ½ hour for this activity consumed the same number of calories than you spend 1 hour of Jogging. These exercises will help to quickly get rid of the extra pounds and tone up. These should be used more than twice a week.

physical load

Long distance

It is proved that if every day to win at least 5 km, the body can burn up to 2.5 thousand calories. To achieve this result, you need to follow a few rules. The speed is kept throughout the race, and to end the race prematurely is not. When you're tired, you can go for a quick walk, and then back to Jogging. This powerful practice has only one drawback – it requires a lot of free time. Usually this workout takes about 1.5 hours.

It is the most effective reasonable combination of different types of load. In addition, experts emphasize that after a heavy workout the body needs rest to fully recover. Great attention should be paid to special clothing. In any environment, when you Jogging for weight loss, you need to use the right shoes with ergonomic soles to avoid damage to the joints. These sneakers allows you to distribute the weight over the entire foot. In addition, it is not too large, the original mass can be used for greater efficiency in the knee and elbow pads weight.

A treadmill or some fresh air?

Rather, it is a matter of preference. Someone who loves to go out, some people prefer to work out in the gym or at home. In fact, the fundamental difference between the final weight loss not. In any case, start promoting:

  • durability;
  • improved relief muscle;
  • to burn calories;
  • useful for the cardiovascular load.

Each option has pros and cons.

Running for weight loss in the fresh air always require more time to charge, remove and go back. In addition, weather conditions are not always favorable, in this case, the discomfort causing the need to have several clothing options in the class at different times of the year, when in his apartment, you can only save one of the most convenient form of clothing. In turn, exercising outside you can admire the beautiful scenery and is a great opportunity to spend time training with friends.

How to breathe when running?

While jogging your body needs to get many times more oxygen, which is why it is important to maintain a clear breathing rhythm. It is necessary to observe the correct technique:

  • If breathing is too rarely or often, disturbed ventilation, which can cause dizziness and loss of coordination.
  • Breathing – deep, free-mode, it needs 2 times shorter than the exhalation.
  • To test the validity of the breath can be the following: if losing weight Jogging can safely talk without breathing, so the rhythm is right. If it looks – it is necessary to reduce the momentum.

To normalize the situation to help simple principle: the alternation of inhalation and exhalation every third step. If in this mode the air still not enough, reduce the interval to 2 steps.

Currently running you have to breathe through the mouth and nose, this increases the flow of oxygen. During training outdoors in winter protection against the penetration of cold air in his throat to help language, it needs to breath to bring the top teeth.

Who can run — indications

Anyone who wants to lose weight before you start training you should consult with an expert. The fact that such studies have a number of contraindications:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system. Jogging is a huge burden on the heart muscle and blood vessels, if you have problems in this area, you should not risk. Can exacerbate cardiac rhythm, additional heart rhythm disorders, tachycardia.
  • Disorders of the respiratory system. In these exercises lungs and bronchi are involved. If function is impaired, it can cause excessive load on the respiratory insufficiency or exacerbation of asthma.
  • Problems in the joints. Class in addition to the strain on your joints, which could be dangerous with arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, herniated. In extreme cases, you can use a special corset, elastic bandages and belts.
  • Infectious and viral diseases. As a rule, such diseases associated with high fever, cough and sneezing. To avoid complications, it is better to wait for a full recovery.
  • At exacerbation of chronic diseases. Exacerbation may be accompanied by several unpleasant symptoms, and Jogging can increase the pain and worsen the condition.
  • Serious related problems. Large loads can lead to the falling away of the retina and other violations of the presence of myopia, glaucoma.
  • Old age. In this age of excessive physical exertion is contraindicated, so the competition should be abandoned. Recommended for sports or nordic walking, yoga, Pilates, stretching.
  • Abdominal surgery. In this case, you should stop exercising until complete recovery.
  • Thrombophlebitis, varicose veins. Because of the large burden falls on the lower extremities, there is a risk of deterioration of the veins. You should prefer other sports.

You should refrain from running people Smoking and abusing alcohol. As a rule, they there are irregularities in the functioning of the heart and respiratory muscles lose their strength and flexibility.

It is not recommended to use to pregnant, especially for weight loss, because it is fraught with violation of blood circulation in the fetus and injuries. Any complications of pregnancy, as the sport is contraindicated. Nursing mothers should also refrain from intense training. The fact that the exercise affect the blood composition, and therefore change the taste of mother's milk. In some cases, during intense exercise milk can be smaller or it disappears completely.