Weight loss: advantages and disadvantages

Thinking about losing weight, the majority of people asks a logical question: what advantages this brings and how can it be harmful? In the animal world, the process of weight loss is almost always bad, because it is a threat to the life of a living creature. However, people have different situation – the abundance and availability of food has led to the fact that the vast majority of people are overweight, and part of that is obesity. So in this case, the slimming process can be justified, because it leads to the strengthening of health and extension of life. So what benefit and harm can bring us slimming?


Harm weight loss

Losing weight weight loss – are different. In one case it can be useful, and the other lead to irreversible health problems.

Weight loss can be harmful if:

  • Too sharp weight loss (diet hard) – the harder the diet, the more load on the body and a greater chance of failures and returns to the previous weight.
  • Weight loss for athletic goals – this is especially true for bodybuilders who will not only significantly reduce weight, but also very dehydrating and taxing on the organs and systems by taking strong pharmaceutical products.
  • Strict restriction or prohibition of certain nutrients , there are many diets, which restrict or prohibit the consumption of any nutrient, for example. carbohydrates and/or fat. These are diet, with no carbohydrates, no fat and other diet. For example, the ban on consumption of fats leads to disruption of hormone function and reduce the hormone production; the consumption of protein to severely weaken the liver and kidneys, and cause toxic poisoning.
  • Use drugs and Supplements for weight loss – all drugs and dietary supplements for weight loss can be very hazardous to your health. In addition, this does not solve the cause of obesity – poor diet and too many calories, and the majority generally has no effect on weight. However, they can be a number of contraindications and side effects.

Use weight loss

Despite the presence of possible harm slimming health, it should be clear that it is only shown if the wrong approach to the issue and the assumptions of the above errors. With the right approach and understanding of the process, no violations in the body is not observed, but, on the contrary, strengthen health and reduce the burden on organs and systems.

  • To reduce the load on joints – extra weight puts more stress on the joints, especially if the person is not engaged in sports. This creates conditions for joint problems (arthritis, osteoarthritis) in the future. At the same time, to reduce the weight to a comfortable body allows you to postpone or even to avoid it.
  • To reduce the burden on internal organs , the formation of the excess weight talking about the regular food, then there is increased consumption of calories. In real life this manifests itself in such a way that the consumption of too much and/or unhealthy food, which puts increased load on the organs and systems of the body, which in the future can lead to serious diseases, such as diabetes. Bring your diet in order and weight loss to normal to help avoid this load, prevents the development of many diseases.
  • Improve hormonal levels – in recent articles I cited research on the topic of overweight and nutrition on the level of sex and anabolic hormones. The extra weight inhibits the synthesis of these hormones in the body, leading to severe hormonal disorders. For example, men overweight, have feminine features, because the synthesis of testosterone is reduced, and the level of female hormones (estrogen) is high.
  • Improve health and increase physical activity
  • Improve the aesthetic beauty of the body and attractiveness

The right conclusions

Therefore, weight loss can be harmful only if the incorrect diet as well as drugs and biologically active compounds. That is, out how you can lose weight. It affects not only the harmfulness of this process, but also the efficiency and long-lasting results.

use weight loss

With the right approach and develop the right habits for weight loss is effective and beneficial to health. The main benefit will be to improve the body, internal organs and systems, as well as well-being and psychological satisfaction with the aesthetics of the body and increase attractiveness.