Diet slimming belly

Is a flat stomach with a firm press of the modern world seeks most women and many men. Fight the ideal shape to push the stereotypes deep in modern society. So in the course are all means aimed at weight loss and repair form. But even with the whole weight loss process is gradually advancing, very often women find that remove fat from the so-called problem areas is not impossible. One of these areas – abdominal, fat, which the women are gone, usually very slowly. You can speed up this process to facilitate effective and simple weight loss stomach. About how we need to eat right, reduce belly fat, and how to follow the best diet fast to reduce fat in this area will be discussed in the article below.

diet for weight loss stomach

Why fat accumulates in problem areas?

Problem areas in women is called the hips, abdomen and flanks. Beautiful sex of fat, which is difficult to get rid of accumulates there. This is explained by the peculiarities of the physiology. The main purpose of women – the birth of offspring, which later need to feed. The fat in these places is intended by nature to protect the child during pregnancy and adequate lactation after birth.

In addition, the gradual accumulation of fat in problem areas will affect the other factors, which may be called well-known:

  • Stay in constant stress, which leads to overeating.
  • Regular consumption of foods with high calorie content, which contain simple carbohydrates. Baking, pastry, sweets – all of it very quickly "ramping up" the problem areas of the body.
  • Lack of exercise – most people forced to stay 8 hours in the workplace. When they move in traffic, and sports indifferent. As a result of excess belly fat.
  • Hormonal balance – often, this pathology leads to uncontrolled weight gain. In this case, you need to consult a specialist and do a complete inspection.

It is important to pay attention to the causes and try to eliminate provoking factors. That is not the stomach, need to practice a holistic approach requires not only a balanced and effective diet weight loss stomach and against the sides, but the daily exercise. You can also practice with helper methods – massage, body treatments, and a sauna.

Tips to get a thin waist

  • Drinking on an empty stomach with water. After waking up in the morning to drink a glass of warm water, squeeze a little lemon juice. This will help activate the intestines and speeds up metabolism.
  • To moisturize the skin. It is important to regularly apply to problem areas on a regular or a special anti-cellulite cream to do it after a shower.
  • Scarf. Assisting the procedure should also be organised regularly. Scarf is to use coffee, seaweed, honey, etc.
  • Use a special belt. This device improves the effect when training and promoting the burning of fat in the abdominal area. However, it is important to understand that such a belt is only an extra tool, and without exercise of lose weight not help.
  • Do a massage. It can be done independently, and looking for a professional massage. Massage using special creams and gels.

The basic principles of the diet

For those who are interested in what diet to remove belly fat, it should be clear that the basic principles of nutrition for weight loss problem areas are relevant to any diet, which currently is very much.

The basic principles of any of the following diets:

proper nutrition for weight loss
  • Adjust the diet. The meaning of such changes is the following: we need to minimize the foods with high glycemic index. They should take place, fruits, vegetables. Changes in diet should not be too sharp, otherwise the person is every possibility of falling.
  • Motivate yourself to lose weight. Goals should be realistic – pounds or inches you need to drop slowly and gradually.
  • The diet should be healthy and balanced. Better practice those power systems, which can help you lose weight gradually and do not create a tangible discomfort.
  • Combine diet with sports. Start exercises gradually so that your body is not too overloaded. If we talk about the run, Jogging at first should be short, if the exercises are small complexes, so that over time, the desire has not disappeared.
  • Fat in problem areas, to replace the muscle mass. But this can only be achieved in stages. That is, you must first get rid of the excess fat and then gradually increase the amount of muscles in specific exercises.
  • For those who are interested in not only how to remove the sides and belly, but because of the efforts of the company press, you should pay attention to special exercises for the press. But they, too, should be done after the fat layer is reduced.

Foods prohibited and permitted

What diet menu weight loss belly and sides one chooses, the principles are usually similar. The Menu is based on the principles of a healthy diet. In such a diet diet form those products that contribute to losing excess weight.

  • Allowed foods include: Turkey, chicken, veal liver, eggs, seafood, fish, yogurt, cheese, milk, yogurt, vegetables, fruit.
  • Forbidden (junk) foods include: meat, sausage, sugar, sweets, fried potatoes, candy, cookies, fast food, pasta, ice cream, alcoholic beverages, soda.

That is, in order to lose weight in the abdominal area, you need to change your diet includes more foods rich in fiber. Every day, the diet should be fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Definitely 2-3 times a week the diet should be present protein foods of animal origin, and vegetable protein found in nuts, legumes, can be a daily menu.

For those who want to remove belly fat, you need to drink a lot of water mineral without gas, melt or cleaned.

Most of the diet is associated with smaller meals, frequent meals in small quantities. It is desirable, the last time eating three hours before bedtime.


  • First of all, diet for a flat stomach and slim waist is associated with a complete rejection of alcohol. Alcohol adversely affects the metabolic processes in the body, so that the waist gradually turns into fat. In this connection, you need to leave Smoking.
  • It is important to strictly limit the intake of starchy foods and sweets. As well as providing diet flat stomach a week people can eat a few small pieces of dark chocolate or a little honey.
  • Do not consume fatty and fried food, prefer steamed and boiled.


menu for weight loss

There are many different diets, abdomen and legs, to reduce hips and sides. The so-called. fast diet give the ability to remove belly fat, but maintain them is not easy, because the daily caloric intake should not exceed 1500 kcal. Another feature of these diets is their duration: to comply with them can have a maximum of 14 days. During this time, you can get rid of a considerable amount of fat. But when you return to a normal diet a person is usually gradually gaining weight back. Therefore, the most effective and easy diet for weight loss the abdomen and pelvis is the power supply system, which is easy to maintain, and if you go slowly.

Proper nutrition for weight loss stomach based on the advice above. There are several options to the diet, which will help you to get rid of a couple of extra pounds and make your stomach flat.

Diet for a flat stomach

Adhere to the recommendations was easier, you can use the sample menu of this diet, painted in three days:

Days/meals The first Another The third
Breakfast Green tea, a glass of fresh carrot-apple juice. An apple or half a grapefruit. Oatmeal, baked Apple.
Afternoon tea Walnuts or hazelnuts – 50 g. Fresh carrot juice, salad of fruit or vegetables. Fruit to choose from.
Lunch Cooked brown rice, seasonal vegetable salad, Apple or orange. Cooked buckwheat, tomatoes – 2 pieces, fruit choice, herbal tea. Boiled fish, 200 g carrots, grated sour cream – 100 g
Dinner Grilled vegetables – 200 g low-fat fish – 50 g. Boiled chicken breast – 200 g, vegetable stew, mint tea. A banana, glass of low-fat yogurt.

Then you can repeat meals in the same order, or vary the dishes, picking up similar products in the same quantities.

Kefir diet

It is based on the principles of power. When a person eats small portions and often, the stomach is gradually declining. Due to the fact that the body gets proteins and fats, the diet is easily tolerated. This is a powerful colon cleansing.

This diet is recommended no more than three days. During this period, it helps to reduce weight and volume, and improve digestive functions. It is recommended to eat five times a day.

  • The first day you should drink kefir in unlimited quantities.
  • On the second day you need to eat fruit. also drink 2 liters of pure water throughout the day.
  • The third day is again a need to drink kefir after each meal.

This extreme diet is not able to detect during pregnancy and lactation, diseases of the digestive system, in adolescence.

Keto diet

The name of this diet comes from the term "ketosis", which is the splitting of fat cells for energy. Weight loss begins when the body is lack of carbohydrates in the food. If carbohydrates into the body in limited quantities, the liver starts producing ketone acids, which break down fat cells.

The Daily menu of this diet is to be noted that the ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates: proteins – 70%, fat 25%, carbs – 5%.

According to this principle and is the diet, taking into account their preferences.

eating for weight loss
  • Exclude completely from the diet should be such products: cakes and pastries, sugar, soda, pastries, bread, potatoes, grapes, bananas.
  • Form a menu, you need to include the following products: lean meat, fish, quail eggs and chicken, seafood, cheese, oil and butter.
  • Partially limit should be dairy products, vegetables, with high starch content, sweet fruits.

It is impossible to follow this diet for people with gallbladder disease, pancreatitis, violation of the motility of the intestine, kidney and liver failure, violation of digestion of fats, tumors of the abdominal cavity, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.


This acronym stands for protein-carbohydrate alternation and is a low-carb diet. It offers a alternation of albuminous and carbohydrate days.

Such a diet may take up to 4-30 days, depending on the weight, which tends to lose people.

To perform this diet is according to the following scheme:

  • The first and second day – rich in protein, low in carbohydrates.
  • On the third day of food carbohydrates.
  • The fourth day – the same amount of carbohydrates and proteins.

Simplify the procurement and preparation of meals in the diet period, you can use the table:

Days/meals Protein day (the first) Protein day (second) Carbohydrate day (the third) Protein-carbohydrate days (four)
Breakfast Boiled eggs, vegetable salad, flax oil, tea without sugar. Omelet of two eggs, tea without sugar. Oat porridge, tea without sugar. Oatmeal.
Afternoon tea Cottage cheese with cinnamon. Yogurt. Banana. The cheese and bread.
Lunch Chicken, vegetables, steamed. Fish steamed vegetables. Pasta from flour of hard varieties. Chicken breast with rice.
Dinner Fried fish. Chicken fillet, vegetables. Rice, steamed vegetables. Fish, vegetables, dried fruits.

Protein should come into your diet foods that contain large amounts of protein. The main products in these days – fish, meat, eggs. A large amount of protein contained in chicken breast, squid, caviar, tuna, lean beef.

Carbohydrate day, you need to focus on foods rich in carbohydrates. The majority of those found in oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, boiled beans.

Diet BUTCH is impossible to observe people with diseases of heart, vessels, kidneys, liver, patients with diabetes, pregnancy and lactation, in elderly and adolescence. This diet is suitable for those who wants to get rid of a small amount of fat. Those who have tried to follow that type of diet, claims that even weekly diet is already obtained visible results.


All described, as well as other diet to reduce belly fat must be combined with exercise. Even if people do not go to the gym, it is recommended every day to perform a complex of the following exercises:

  • Slopes to put your feet at shoulder width, put your hands behind your head and back straight, slowly bend down, trying to touch elbow to the opposite knee lifting and changing the alternating the elbows.
  • Leg lifts – lying on your back with straight arms and legs, lift your legs up to the formation of a right angle.
  • Change your body and your feet on the width of shoulders, hands are behind your head, fingers in the castle. Back straight, alternating rotation of the body in different directions.
  • How to bend up to 90 degrees and strongly rotating straight arms.
  • Tilts to the sides, feet shoulder width apart, hands behind his head. With a straight spine to bend in different directions.
  • Plank – prone position on the abdomen to rise on elbows and toes, standing on the strained abdominal muscles in this position for as long as possible.
  • Scissors sit on the floor, focus on hand behind the. Lift the leg and cross-Mahi, press the same strain.