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  • The Japanese diet is considered one of the strictest. What is it, what foods can and cannot be consumed, the approximate menu for 7 and 14 days, how to get out of the diet? Find answers to these and other questions after reading the material.
    15 March 2022
  • Causes of oil on the hands. The best exercises to lose weight at home: push-ups, longitudinal planks and others. Useful tips.
    17 September 2020
  • Dukan's diet: essence and principles, rules, sequence of stages, advantages and disadvantages, menus, do's and don'ts, recipes, contraindications and side effects, reviews and results, getting out of the diet
    18 August 2020
  • 11 simple yoga poses for weight loss at home. The basic school level. Pictures and description of asanas for weight loss at home
    17 January 2019
  • Slimming the sides and belly is a difficult and arduous process. Genetically women in accordance with the emergency stash in the waist an emergency situation to ensure his life and the life of the offspring.
    14 August 2018